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Thread: I was NOT joking!

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    I was NOT joking!


    I'm a busy person. I mean, really, I am, for real.

    The last thing I have time to deal with is kiddie bullshit.

    I told you all before that kiddie bullshit would lead to account banning, no matter who it was.

    The following 3 accounts have been banned for childish kiddie antipoint bullshit:


    This site is NOT cyberarmy. If you want to do kiddie bullshit, go there and play their little games. This site is for mature discussions about information security related issues.

    BTW: JC, you better shape the hell up too, you're lucky your name isn't on the list as well.

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    JP, we understand you're busy. And, seriously, thanks a lot for taking the time to help clean up the AP system, and alleged abusers. I do not really know what jehnx or JC did, so I hope those 3 members weren't banned unfairly, but I doubt they were. But thank you, maybe this will help me out a little bit. We all appreciate you taking the time to help clean up AO and the AP system.

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    Well, I'm glad to see you have handled any of the problems that have arised. Its to bad to see yet more seniors blatenly abusing the system. cmnoop, I guess you were right, I apologize for the rant earlier, but when it comes to ap's I'm sick of hearing about it you could have handled it in a much better way and taken it to JP IMO.

    To all newbies, Let this show you that not only newbies get banned. Even past well respected members can also.

    I again remain in my neutral state.

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    Sorry, but I seem to be ignorant on the subject. What did these three (four?) individuals do to get themselves banned?
    ...This Space For Rent.


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    Hey look for everyone who doubted me would you please realise I put my APs on the line and I was actually right. Im halved in the APs stakes.

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    JP....I'm sorry that you had to devote time to this too, as it is something that never should have happened in the first place. I think I can speak for almost everyone when I say we are sorry you even had to deal with this (I know I am) and we thank you for dealing with it swiftly and fairly.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    JP, I am sorry about what has been going on and about bothering you. I will try my hardest to shape up. Im sorry for being ignorant at times and annoying.

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    Our 10 Newest Members:

    Welcome Back Ac1d!
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    Lol, obviously not. Especially when you see that their sigs match.

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    Originally posted here by cmnoop
    Hey look for everyone who doubted me would you please realise I put my APs on the line and I was actually right. Im halved in the APs stakes.

    It wasn't about doubting was about you bringing this "kiddie ****" into the forums when no one gives a ****. Even after Neg closed your thread you started another one...

    A simple PM to JP would of been much less disruptive to the forums...

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