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Thread: I was NOT joking!

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    cmnoop i doubt that jehnny is trying to get you banned - first off all because as of yet he can not actually give out ap's only grey boxes - so it would be impossible for him to be neging u!
    Did u actually ever stop to think that you are getting negs not from any aliance but from the ordinary members of AO who are sick of you carrying this thing on?

    IMHO you handled this wrongly to begin with - this was a matter for PM not to be brought into the forums! Maybe others feel the same and thats why u got neg'd


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    Just a transparent sympathy ploy for greenpoints

    Originally posted here by cmnoop
    Well guys I got some good AP's saying well done that made it worth while but I now must suffer the negging from jehnny and antihaxor. They say they will neg me until I'm banned.

    I hit you with red because you accused me of bullshit in a public forum. You SHOULD be banned. The antipoint system was put into place to discourage posts like the ones you make on a constant basis. Therefore every time you make a post like this one I consider it my duty to this community to make my displeasure known.

    Thanks AO for all the help.

    Anyone who helped you did it from sheer boredom more than likely(the same reason I'm even bothering to reply)

    I had fun, and although most of you dont know it I have been around a long long time and though I dont talk to you all I am familair in PM to a lot of seniors.

    Well perhaps you think your childish trolling is fun but few share that feeling. As for you being around a long time .....well I have made everyone aware of who you really are or annoying troll that was banned a few months ago for doing the same thing you are doing now. Starting stupid ass threads and stirring up discord!

    Hopefully my little sacrifice was all worth while.

    Sacrifice? Do you have delusions of granduer coupled with a messiah complex?
    The devil's burning in hell can hardly be called a "sacrifice"

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    cnmnoop...I'll agree that this was a situation that needed to be resolved, but that's the only point I agree with you on. Your post did nothing to affect this situation other than tarnish the reputations of the people 'supposedly' (you stated you had no proof, remember?) involved. This is a matter that would have been resolved without your previous thread, as the community has been aware of the situation for quite some time now as I understand it, and it was being dealt with in a discretionary manner. However, I would like to thank you for revealing the true nature of your character....I seriously doubt that anyone in this community will take you into their confidence again.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    Are we having fun at AO today! People getting banned, people whining about antipoints, people whining about people whining about antipoints.

    And now me: Whining about people whining about antipoints AND whining about people whining about people whining about antipoints.

    I think I'll just go to bed. Good night!

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