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Thread: Farewell....*******S!!!

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    My AO Death....

    Ah.. Quite Possibly my LAST AO post EVER...since I could NOT find a link to UN singup to this site...I decided suicide was my only way out. I thought I would make a post atleast meaningful to me... I was a "victim" of the AP system so to speak...After placing posts I deamed decent along as others, one being souleman. I received one Neg AP point...that was the last straw so I decided to quit because I knew it was a total waste of time to EVER post here again. No one reads my posts no matter how appropreate that are, ALTHOUGH....There are a select few who enjoy my replys and that i so often make trying to help a few people to the best of my knowlegde..Yes I know...this is a bitch post...BITCh BITCH BITCH BITCH...WAAAA....WAAAA....WAAAA
    To all the *******s who had NOTHING better to do that anonymously leave NEG antipoints getting me banned the first time....I say...SUCK MY **** the few who left my NEG antipoints this account...I say....Well I cant even put it into words...So I leave you with thits.....

    Oh well..maybe not the best....but **** it..
    My Epitaph
    <allenb1963> lies Swifty, lean and mean, run down by a banning machine...
    <er0k> swifty was a good member, yet his antipoints became slimmer and slimmer, until he lost the shimmer, of JP's sun's glorious glimmer.
    <souleman> he wined and bitched to much about IRC.
    <Debwalin> swift, he listened to crappy music
    <kwiep> and it's running on port 31337
    <Black-Mage21> That which does not kill you only makes you wish it had.

    In closing....SUCK MY MOTHER ****ING DICK

    <xmaddness> ps.. your standing on my balls
    <PhenZen> ps..i want xmaddness' balls..

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    O_O See ya later man.

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    ah ok , well hmmm go **** yourself maybe. Oh and here are some greenies just because I know its the opposite from what you want.

    It obvious that you crave negative attention though. A normal user would have just never came back to AO or just not log into their account. The fact that you have a stupid poll and an ******* post proves that you are a irrational and unstable person. I suggest group therapy.

    [P.S. I never ****ed with you but I didnt like the post. Oh and I cant suck your dick because its so small my nose would block my mouth from reaching it ]
    Violence breeds violence
    we need a world court
    not a republican with his hands covered in oil and military hardware lecturing us on world security!

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    Maverick....bleh suck my nuts...

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    LOL... Phenzen get off ma nuts man....

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    i think my pic will speak for ever1 as avdven said in my good bye thread u will be back he was right u will be back to so look at the pic
    By the sacred **** of the sacred psychedelic tibetan yeti ....We\'ll smoke the chinese out
    The 20th century pharoes have the slaves demanding work

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    well looks like you got the opposite of what you wanted.
    would have been better without all the profanity swifty.
    know how to sell your wares. intrinsic quality isnt enough. not everyone bites at substance or looks for inner value. people like to follow the crowd;they go someplace because they see other people do so. uniqueness appeals both to the taste and to the intellect.

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    who in hell was that?

    There are a select few who enjoy my replys

    all eight of them? surely you must have had one or two no one liked!

    this is sure to be a lose to ao.
    Bukhari:V3B48N826 “The Prophet said, ‘Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?’ The women said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.’”

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    Juridian -> Unban me ass monkey, lol
    I'm just playin d00d

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    If you want out why not just not bother coming here again? Why do you need to be banned? Wouldn't it be easier just to never show up again?
    Dream as if you are going to live forever, live as if you were going to die today.

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