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Thread: Programming... fun?

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    Programming... fun?

    Out of curiosity, does anyone here actually find enjoyment in the "art of programming." Maybe it's because it's required work for my CS 3 class, but I find it agonizing.

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    Programming is what I do all day every day and I love it. It is just one of those things, either you love it or you hate it.
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    Yea for sure.. It seems that if youre the type that likes to know how things work, you should like programming. Just a thought...
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    I think it depends on what you have to do. if its your job, it does get boring. but you you make an application or somthing just because, it's fun. But as bdhoff said, eaither you love it or hate it.
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    Personally, I'm very good at programming, but I honestly hate it with a passion. I enjoy programming when either it's for my own purposes or it's something which actually holds some interest for me. Most programs I have to write either for school or for various consulting jobs are just more boring programs which don't really do anything too impressive... I have a few programs I'm very proud of that I thoroughly enjoyed writing, but I guess after all of the programming I've done, I'm just kinda over it...


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    Yes, but it always depends on what your coding like the others said...
    Doing code for CS classes can often get very boring because most often it's what I consider pointless code: you know it'll never really be used, that only one lousy teacher will look at it for a few minutes before deciding if it's worthy or not, and throw it away. And most of the time it's code that can't even be re-used in other projects because school assignments are so abstract...

    Try starting a project of your own, you might just like coding after all...

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    Of course programming is fun! If it wasn't, then why would anybody do it?
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    I think that reading books on how to program isn't nearly as fun as turning on your PC and playing around with code.

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    Learning to program for me is fun, but I am doing it on my own. However, it's agonizing when I am at a certain point and it does not make sense or the idea does not seem to "click." I would LOVE to someday to be able to sit down, draw out an idea and be fluent enough to make a program work. My old VB teacher says even the most experienced programmers get frustrated, lost and confused. So when I do get frustrated, I think of that.

    Sometimes it doesn't work though. Especially now learning pointers agh!

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    Programming is cool because two people can be given the same problem and both come up with completely different but equally valid solutions. When you're reading someone else's source code, it's like your reading they mind because you can see their exact though process written down on paper. You can learn a lot about a person (and about yourself) from reading source code.
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