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Thread: September 11 - In Memory of...

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    I'd like to dedicate this post to the people of New York and those who died in the WTC. You know, a lot of familes lost loved ones. I remember 9/11, and watching the Towers collapse on T.V. The phone lines were totally busy with families calling to see if their loved ones were fine. Fortunantly for me, my cousin was still in his apartment late for work, otherwise I too would have lost someone. It's hard for me to reflect on what has happened over this last year but one thing I can say is that though Terrorists may have shaked this country, we will always stand united.

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    I want to dedicate this post to Jason Copeland of the above post. Having lost a parent and a grandparent at the same time is a terrible burden on anyone. I cannot fathom your sense of loss Jason, but I join you in mourning your loved ones. May peace be with you for all of your days.
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    A Confession

    I must admit that before today I was growing weary of hearing about 9-11. I listened to a radio show that had some of the victims testimony on the way to work this morning.It brought back the memories...the anger at the pride for my country and the realisation that we cannot forget this horror. We must track down those who will resort to murder and scare tactics to fulfil thier goals. I also want to offer my sympathy to my friend JC.

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    I am in total shock. I want to thank EVERYONE such as Allenb1963 and AntiHaxor who have helped make this sad day for me, a better one. This, IMO, is sort of what AO is about and that is having members who will help and ones who will be friends and make you feel better, even on a bad day. Thank you both! -- Jason Copeland

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    I just want to say god bless the victims and their families. Hopefully when our kids get older they wont have to deal with this type of violence. Im saddened to see what happened on Sept 11/01, but i am also happy. The reason for this is because we have shown what courage, and dignity america has, and that no matter what happens to us we will always be ready to take it on.

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    Originally posted here by JCHostingAdmin
    I would like to dedicate this post to my father, Jonathan R. Copeland and my grandfather, Jorge A. Copeland. May they rest in peace and carry on to heaven of being great people to me and to others as they have been. I love you guys, and this entire post is dedicated to them. Thank you..
    I was interested to see the photos of the people who died and the names of people who were missing... And to my surprise there was no Coplenad on the Missing/Dead list [] So then im wondering... Why would anyone fake a post about his dead father and grandfather who supposedly died in WTC... For the points, Im not bitching, In fact Im pretty sure I will be banned for this post.... Just thought it should be brought to light

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    y0 JC, im terribly sorry to hear the news of that. it would take millions of threads too express the feelings of sorrow towards all that were lost. tragically. actually, i dont think threads are enough, thats why we have memorials etc... JC, be strong bro.

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    Interesting ac1d.....

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    listen, in response to Acid's thread and what is being discussed on IRC about JCHosting... weather or not he lied doesnt really matter, if he gets a kick out of having people feel sorry for it and gets hard because he gets greenies then let him do it, does it really matter? You all know who is respected in AO weather they had antipoints or not... so it REALLY doesnt matter. Why not just leave him alone and let him get off with this.

    - Edit -

    I also noticed that acid got ALOT of posative APs for it... wich proves another point... it all revolves around the stupid AP system.... thats the only reason people post nowadays.... its stupid, if you people wouldnt give negs for anything that made you chuckle the AP system would have alot more integrity. I pesronaly dont deserver 1/3 of the posative APs i have.... people just gave them to me beacuse they "like" me, or what i said was funny or something like that, i only deserve the ones where i posted something very helpfull and usefull.

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    Ac1d...JC's post doesn't say they were killed in the World Trade Center...??? What gives??

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