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Thread: Good manners..hard to find???

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    I agree with those of you who live in small towns. I do too, and I can go to the gas station and spend 45 minutes talking to the people It helps that I talk a lot, but the fact that you live in a small town seems to make you much freer to speak to people...whether you know them or not. My husband is from Milwaukee and it blew him away the way you wave at everyone you pass going down the

    Also, from a different perspective, as far as plain old good manners go, it has to be taught. And unfortunately a lot of parents are dropping the ball on that one. My son is very well mannered, he say yes ma'am and no ma'am and yes sir and no sir to adults, which is normal here. But I read not long ago from one of the well known manner columnists that teaching your child to do that is "outdated and antiquated." Maybe so, but my son is accepted everywhere we go, older people love him, and it certainly hasn't hurt him. I have also taught him to open doors for women, and to ALWAYS speak when spoken to, etc. I think that if parents took more time with their children, and showed them by their actions, we might live in a friendlier world.

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    Personally, I would not want to greet everyone. I walk by a lot of people in my school, at work, on the street, in the mall, at the movies, anywhere I go. If everyone was well mannered and saying hello... well, that would be bad. I couldn't deal with it. But then again, if there is an incident that two people connect to, they will connect to it. People just need a reason. Go play a pick up game of basketball. The kids there get along. They have something to connect to, a basketball. If a line is long somewhere, people can let out a long sigh and get some sympathy.

    Sir and ma'am, I believe, is sort of unnecessary. At least in PA it is. You don't need a sir, or a ma'am to be liked and respected by adults. Just smile, and make sure to wish them a good day.

    A greeting I don't like: Hi, how are you? Noone really means the how are you part. They just want you to say hello. It's just an extension that means nothing.
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    My thoughts: If you know the person, acknowledge them, if you don't, it's not required.

    A few places are pretty common to greet other strangers, for example, in the gym. All the men seem to greet each other, well those who lift weights at least. Also, around here.. if you're riding a motorcycle, you always wave at other motorcyclists.

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