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    Post Startup sentry

    Spotlight on Hidden Startup Apps

    We've all had it happen. Suddenly your system begins running painfully slow. Or maybe you've noticed some internet traffic you can't explain. Or you see mysterious new icons in your system tray. What happened? Is it a virus? A Trojan horse of some kind? Or maybe that new piece of shareware you or someone in your family just looked at installed a "few extras" that weren't advertised.

    Startup Sentry to the rescue! Startup Sentry is a Windows-based system management tool designed to track and report on every startup application, service and driver set to load or launch when your system starts. Startup Sentry alerts you to new, hidden and potentially wasteful or dangerous startup items installed on your system.

    Startup Sentry goes beyond simply keeping tabs of the startup folder. It monitors eight key areas of your system where startup items lurk, including the registry, services and device drivers. Each time Startup Sentry runs it alerts you to any changes it detects in these areas and provides you with tools to research the value or danger each startup item represents. With Startup Sentry you'll always know exactly what your system is running.

    Download a 30-day evaluation from

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    This looks painfully similar to an advertisement........
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    I'm afraid I have to agree. In fact, this is our official press release for the product. This posting was not sanctioned and/or requested by Digital Widget Systems, and I was surprised when I began seeing this forum as a referrer in our web logs.

    I have contacted the administrators of this site and ask that this thread be removed, and have asked Neo to refrain from distributing our press releases in the future.

    My apologies for the spamtrusion.

    Mike / Digital Widget Systems

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