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Thread: Library Of Congress Goes Grid

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    Library Of Congress Goes Grid

    Library Of Congress Goes Grid,00.html

    Grid computing technology may soon be used to preserve such priceless artifacts of American history as films of the Spanish-American War and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the photographs of Matthew Brady and Ansel Adams, and Walt Whitman's notebooks.

    The Library of Congress is evaluating Grid technology developed at the San Diego Supercomputer Center to archive and preserve these works and the Library's other digital collections.

    The Library has assembled numerous important digital collections such as American Memory, a treasure trove of films, recordings, photos and documents from U.S history and culture. The collection, "rich primary source materials on the history and culture of the United States," contains more than 7.5 million digital items on more than 100 topics from the collections of the Library and other repositories. Items include encoded text, images, and audio and video files varying in size from 25 kilobytes to 5 megabytes each, for a total of some 8 terabytes of digital data.


    Its about time they got around to doing this. IMO this should have been started years ago on a grand scale.
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    Just as long as they don't use M$ software, and they have some decent admins and security people, they should be able to keep the blackhats out and then we can all enjoy something that is a wonderful idea
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