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    2 Questions

    Hey. I have been trying to learn what most call 'hacking' ..
    I wish to be part of these wargames and have fun like that. They sound like a whole
    lot of fun. If anyone has any sites or books they could recommend to me so I know where to get started i would appreciate it.
    Thats my first question... My main question is this ...

    Computer Science vs Computer Engineering, what is the difference and which one is better for what purpose. I am about to apply to university and cannot decide what is best for me.
    If someone could tell me what the difference is i would greatly appreciate it

    DaP xEs

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    Well I can help with question 1...Read this and if you aren't interested in the other stuff, scroll down and there is a list of wargame projects. Although I seriously recommend reading the rest of the FAQ. It is valuable information.

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    It all realy depends on your interests, I got interested in programing when I started College, so I asked a student in my class and he got me started. First if I were you I would take a stroll around the site, maybe read some tutorials in the tutorial section, read some posts people have made. Many times you will find your questions have already been answered. Or very close.

    Every day I start with google and just search for something of interest. I take life as it comes and deal with problems as they arise. I think as the days go by you will know what you want.

    I wanted to be a EET (Electronics Engineer) , I graduated from college with my diploma and now I want to be a programmer. The best way is to take it one day at a time.

    For a list of wargames you can find it at

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    I am not involved in any of the war games you ask about but books that I would recomend (Only because I have them and read them) are Steal this computer book by Wallace Wang (Volume 1 & 2), books on Programing C++, Java, PERL, and Python... So far I have gotten through the Steal this Computer Book series and I am reading the Python prgraming book curently... There are much more qualifed people here then I that will have much better answers to your questions... But I hope this helps a little....

    This is how VCU (the college I am in now) "defines" Computer science... That is to say that courses listed under the Computer Sciences are more along the lines of network admin, computer programing, A+, MCSE, etc... Computer Engineering courses tend to be more about the actual design of computer systems, WAN's, and in general the actual hardware associated with computers...
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    If you are just now applying to University, it doesnt much matter. There are very few slots open for anyone applying for a specific major( in the tech fields anyway) at any University. Most people just apply to the school and take the nescessary prereqs to get accepted in their chosen major after they are already attending the school. Besides, very very very very few people have any clue( as far as a career goes) about what they think they want to do, and what it means. Part of the University experience is to get a tiny tiny bit of background in several different areas, and see what appeals to you, and then spend a bit more time studying that, in order to make sure. If you go in already "KNOWING" what you want to do, there is a very large possibility that you will become very unhappy with your chosen field. At 17 or 18, having been in school for the past 12 years, most people realy have no clue what to expect in the "REAL WORLD" and to make a decision at that point can be very detrimental. If I were you, and knew what I know now, I would tgo to school without declaring(or even applying to) a major right off the bat, and would take lots of technical classes, and make every effort I could to take part in different internships etc, to get a better idea about what my "CHOSEN" profession is like in the real world.

    Well, As far as your question about Computer Science or Computer Engineering, Computer Science usually is programming, not specifics, but lots and lots of theory... I am not sure what " Computer Engineering" is, except I suspect it has to do with either hardware(though I would suspect that this would more likely be labelled as Electrical engineering or systems engineering) or it is programming by the numbers, i.e. no theory at all, but lots of do this, do that, get this...... Though, I suppose that it could have to do with networking, or computer operations in a business type environment....

    Good Luck.

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