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Thread: How to make your car invisible to radar and laser!

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    How to make your car invisible to radar and laser!

    Rocky Mountain Radar introduces a device designed to make your car electronically unreadable—if you get a ticket while using the product, the manufacturer will pay your fine!*

    *While the Phazer is designed to help you avoid speed traps, it is not intended to condone excessive speeding.
    After receiving my first & only speeding ticket for $295.00 for going 82 in a 65. I believe this is worth it, and like I said. I have only got pulled over once in my life for speeding, and got a $295.00 ticket for it, which I am fighting.

    Phazer II

    The catch:
    *Ticket rebate program. If you do get a speeding ticket within the first year while using your Phazer, they will pay your fine! While the Phazer is designed to help you avoid speed traps, it is not intended to condone excessive speeding. *For that reason, the manufacturer will only pay tickets where the speed limit was not exceeded by more than 30%, or 15 miles per hour, whichever is less.
    I was in fact 2 miles over thier limit, but still. It is supposed to be unreadable by laser/radar.

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    I know I could use one of these.I seem to have bad luck behind the wheel when it comes to speed traps.I know that these are illegal in a few states,Illinoise being one of them.Having had about $500 worth of fines for traffic tickets since I've had my license,this would probably pay itself off in a year or two.
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    Or you could make yourself a new car frame shaped like an F-117 !

    Cool device though!

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    This seems like a good idea but I'm skeptical. Is there really any way to hide and what about when the cops are shooting instant on? Why not buy a good radar detector, which is legal in all states except Virginia and Maryland?

    I have a Valentine One and it detects laser from up to 2 miles away. Believe me, my husband is the worst when it comes to speeding and this has saved his butt more times than I can count.
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    I'd be more cost effective (and a good deal safer) to get a device that beeped at you rudely to keep you under the speed limit. I don't have that much sympathy for anyone going 82 in a 65 zone.

    Look, perhaps the jamming it uses doesn't work outside of a certain speed-envelope, ever think of that? (It's possible, but not necessarily likely)

    A radar DETECTOR would be a better (and safer) use of your money. I don't want to be driving anywhere near someone who thinks that because they can't be caught that speeding is okay.
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    On my defense. I had an 18-wheeler on my tail, and a car racing me on my right hand side (I wasn't racing), but he was staying on my side so I couldn't get in that lane. I speed up just to get out of the way of the trucker, and a police car pulled out a mile and a half up the street. As much as I couldn't say anything to defend myself, I am still fightint the ticket. Other than that. I have never been pulled over in my life, nor have I ever received a speeding ticket. let alone even a parking ticket. So, I thought this would be a nifty piece for someone who does border line the "allowed 5 MPH" margin. Like they said, they will not pay a ticket for someone driving 90 in a 65, but what about 72 in a 65?

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    I'd have to agree with Terr. Because, as much as you might want to stay "invisible" on the road, it might not be the safest thing to do for yourself as well as others. Also, the cost of the detector would be cheaper and, IMO, more helpful. It will warn you when you are going to fast which can help you, as well as others on the road. Like terr said, you don't want others (or yourself for that matter) going like 85 on a 65 MPH zone. If your warned, you'll slow down, which would be a safe way to do it. That's JMO.. -- Jason Copeland

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    I think a device that "makes you invisible to radar" would only lead to you going faster... Since you can't be hit by radar then what is to stop the person using teh device from just jetting down the highway? having seen up close and personal over 15 years as a paramedic what exsesive speed can do I agree with JC and Terr a device that squeals at you for going to fast would be better... Even better would be a govener that limited top speed to around 80-85 MPH If you have to go faster then that then you should have left earlier to get where you were gong... Just my $.02 worth...
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    ra-dar de-tec-tor N. -1) A device designed to intercept radio transmissions used by law enforcement as a means of traffic control. 2) A $200 black box that alerts you to the fact that you are about to pay a $300 ticket.
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    ra-dar de-tec-tor N. 2) A $200 black box that alerts you to the fact that you are about to pay a $300 ticket.
    Not unless they are using Ka band radar, otherwise known "instant on". Same for if you get hit with laser, no warning, laser has little if any "spread" meaning they can single out your car from greater distances than radar. My detector has alerted me to speed traps 2 miles in advance, and in FL there are no hills so the range is usually better than elsewhere. I dont condone speeding dangerously, but we all know we've been on the road in BFE with a 45 MPH limit, when clearly it should be 65. I am very skeptical as to the effectiveness of this "jammer". The only way I'd see a way to jam the radar would be to generate a constant stream of radar on all bands K, X, Ka at the exact same frequency that the gun is operating at. I highly doubt it does that, but I could always be wrong.


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