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Thread: Dumb question.

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    Dumb question.

    hey all

    I have a dumb question. Attached I have a screen shot. Look at my site benefits and then look at the top of the screen. Notice something that it says should not be there?
    Is this an error?

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    Yeah. Everyone's experiencing the same problem. Someone mentioned it the other day in a thread, but I'm too tired to look it up. At least you have the banner. I have a ad-blocking program on this computer which, instead of displaying that banner, leaves the top 6 or 7 inches of the page as white space.


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    avdven > Isn't that proxomitron?
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    With Proxomitron I don't get 7 inches of white space - I get absolutely no ads at all, only a tiny little set of red square brackets where the ad should be. btw, the thread on this whole banners thing is here.


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