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Thread: How much money are you worth?

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    Lightbulb How much money are you worth?

    How much money are you worth? I'm only worth 2,033,130.00 Check it out at

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    $30,002,190.00 - but I'm not for sale.
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    I'm worth $1,968,320,000.00 and if you have that kinda money,I'm for sale.Although I'm not current on my rabies vaccination,and I might hump your leg.
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    Sad the way our society today needs to place a value on everything.
    By the way, I'm worth $2,485,446,000.00, maybe even more

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    Hmmm, When I choose that Im white im worth ~3,000,000... When I choose black Im worth like -5

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    It's kind of sad when your net worth is more in real life than you are valued on some website like

    Apparently being gay decreases your value on that site significantly. I'm not exactly sure why though... Considering gays tend to statistically make more on average than their straight counterparts. And hey, we dress well too!

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    You are worth exactly: $2,010,570.00. light special, anyone?

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    You are worth exactly: $2,063,050.00.

    i guess thats not bad being that i put down i was a bisexual midget with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, was hiv postive, and had cancer tipping the scales at 500 lbs with an iq of 7.

    nah. that test is lame. how can money determine the worth of a humyn when humyns determine the worth of money?

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    "Check this box if you are willing to receive valuable information and promotions via email from companies affiliated with
    I wish to receive Information & Promotions"

    As with most things online, it's all about getting info for that little marketing profile of yours.
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    It is indeed a good way to compile info on visitors while luring them with the money worth!
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