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Thread: I just registered a web page.

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    I just registered a web page.

    I just registered the domain, and I currently have a hosting service. I am very creative, and I know how I want to set the site up, but what are the best tools to use. I would like an animation as the intro, I have never done anything like that, but I know what I want to do. Is artistic skills really neccassary? Any information that you think I could use would be greatly appreciated.

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    Unless the point of your site is to showcase/talk about/give tutorials about/something to do with animations, you shouldn't have any animated introduction in my opinion.

    Flashy graphics are not going to make your site anymore useful, just slow it down and make it harder for you to build. Now you do need a good, nice looking layout, but overdoing the graphics (especially with animations) makes sites look tacky. Don't do something like that just because you can, make sure you've got a reason.

    Most animated introductions I've seen are either marketing ploys or some guy who did it just because he wanted to show off what he could do, either way it is just wasting time for each and every visitor.

    Anyway, you can check out for the tools.
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    I wanted to make it appealing..

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    There's no reason for a site to be if it is not usefull and to much graphics will render your site useless.

    In my opinion, the first priority should be content.
    The second one is the facility to navigate.
    The esthetics in last place IMHO!

    Sorry for the english!

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    Not to sound like a broken record but I have to agree with the previous posts. I use Macromedia Dreamweaver to make my web pages. It is extremely easy to use after a little time to play around with it. To make the flashy animation you can use Flash but I do not recommend it. If you dont need them I definatly wouldnt do it. You can do many fancy things in Dreamweaver that dont make the webpage overly engineered.

    good Luck!

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    What I think Tek Weasel is trying to say is that he want's his website to have a little pizzazz to it. If you want, I can make you a flash intro and/or a flash navbar. It's up to you.. If this isn't what you were asking, I'm sorry. If it is, Pm me and we'll work out everything. Hope I helped!

    P.S : If you want help with webdesign or anything, come to me on that too!

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    Dream Weaver is the only program i havent used for web design yet, but i'd like to. Does any1 know where i can download a "free" version?

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    ChrisWuk......just as a warning (im not neggin you cause you may not know) you might want to delete your last post. We don't do pirating and black-hat hacking here. You might want to read the newbie faq before you post anymore. It'll keep you out of trouble and allow all of us to enjoy our time here. Take care
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    These guys are right. Using a flash document can really slow down your site if you've got enough of them, and the average flash document is two to four megs as a SWF.. so I wouldn't recommend it. But on the other hand, if you've got a message that you would like to deliver to the public that's easy to get out, flash can be a very nifty tool, and it's not that hard to get the hang of (you said you had never done any animation before).

    I'll explain the really basic controls for flash.

    Keyframes are used most often in flash (at least I do) and all you have to do is place the data that you want to use on the frame how ever you want, and then you click F6 to go onto the next frame. You can hold F6 until the desired time interval is achieved, and flash will be nice and tell you what time your at. You can create the effect of sliding or dropping by creating moving an object in one keyframe and advancing it in the next, or doing so in few frames.

    The libraries are meant to hold different objects for that particular documents, most commonly graphics and control tools. You can add your own graphics to the library by clicking CTRL + R to import a file to the library, CTRL + L to go to the library, and dragging that particular file onto your keyframe. Library-objects work just like data on your keyframe; they never are deleted unless you do so, and they never move unless you do so, again.

    And finally, you can create a hyperlink by selecting text and going to its properties. There is a URL box that's a long rectangle where you can fill in the web address and specify how to open it (in the same window, new window, etc.)

    Hoped that helped you a bit if you are looking to use flash. It's really called Macromedia Flash MX if you want to find it with greater ease. There are also other programs that allow you to create animated pictures or SWF, but they are not as good as Flash. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you don't have to save your flash document as a *.swf, but you can also choose a number of those, but for animation, if you're looking to save space, *.gif (animated GIFs) are compact and don't take up much space. Good luck.


    Ahh, I just saw that pirated post. We don't condone illegal activity here man, please delete that post. You have to be fair to copyright laws and buy the program.

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    I would like to do a small not even 30 second media introduction...

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