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Thread: Follow the leader

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    It might just be me,but I was going through the various forums,and it seems to me that a lot of the time,people don't seem to give their true opinions they just post what they think other people want to hear so they get AP's or don't get negative AP's.

    If you take a look at some of them,they just say the same thing over and over in different words.Then you have the ones that just go around and throw AP's at people but don't state an opinion.I don't mean to complain,but I almost always see the same few people changing the flow of a forum(ie. throwing in their real two cents rather than posting their real point of view)and then people with that point of view follow them and start posting.

    Is it that people are scared of negative AP's?Scared that their opinion is " wrong?Speak your mind.Although it may not put you in the top ten AP's earned,I bet it will gain you a lot more respect in the long run.There's plenty of people that I disagree with on a regular basis,but I respect someone a lot more that can debate an issue and not take it personnaly then someone that just follows the crowd.Your opinion is what a lot of these forums are about.

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    haha...i would have to agree with the exception of me...i just posted on the god vs god forumn and got neg for not going to church...i am not complaning it is just that i would say that i am not part of the you said..most do not say there true feelings... dont know why...points are not that important to me..

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    Perhaps only things are repeated here because like history if one forgets then you are doomed to repeat it. Oh not my words but old words take it as you will, but ponder the meaning
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    Perhaps some people just have the same ideas about certain stuff. (shrugs)

    Though, in general, no matter what is said, a person will get negs.

    Take care


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    Nothing is duller then a whole string of "me too" posts merely kissing some member with high AP's ass, making a post carefully crafted to get AP's. Oh wait, there is something duller. A post complaining about the AP system
    (jeez I'm JUST kidding hahaha)
    But seriously, what's the point of collecting a bunch of APs if in the end you're a phoney?
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    Sometimes you see a lot of the same responses in threads but quite frequently you see a large diversity of responses. There are certainly those that will say what they feel will impress the masses, but I don't feel that it is the majority here at AO. I see quite a few disagreements in the forums. I also don't claim to know what people's true opinions are because I am not them. Perhaps they do agree more than you think, perhaps not. I personally do not care.

    I do agree that you will get negs just cause it is life, usually not for posts that deserve negs but for differences of opinions. That is also a fact of life and there is nothing you can do about it.

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    I've noticed, and I won't lie, I sometimes refrain from posting at all for fear of getting negged... But I never post what people want to hear just to get APs. I always post my true opinion, and often get negged anyway. I really don't care anymore, I've got enough APs to assign, I'm just having fun posting. Just don't be a jerk and always speak your mind, and things should even out.
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    I'm not saying there's not a diversity of responses,but it's always the same few people that start the diversity.I refuse to believe out of thousands all but about 10 people have relatively the same thoughts on everything.I'll try and illustrate what I mean.

    Thread starter>>
    Look at this post.I think that(insert subject)is absurd people aren't going to put up with it.

    Person 1>>I agree
    Person 2>>I agree also
    Person 3>>Me too.

    change:Person 4>>I think it's perfectly logical.
    Person 5>>I second that motion
    Person 6>>Me too

    It seems that's about the usual format.Don't get me wrong,I love the site,and the variety of opinions,but I feel the variety could be a lot more if people just spoke up.

    Good question Mahakall here's the intelligent responses I got.

    If points aint important to you u wont mind this
    I think you need to learn to speak english and to read,because I said points shouldn't prevent you from speaking your mind.

    good saying what you think
    I'm not quite sure what the hell this is,it sounds positive,but was negative.Tried to contact user with no response.

    Then there's this one.Probably the most intelligent statement of the three,but there must be a problem with my computer because I don't see any letters just little marks.The funny thing is,they all removed the same amount of positive points.Coincidence or idiot?
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    You have a valid point gghornet, I have noticed that as well. But another thing I've noticed is that, it's always new people to the site that make comments like. Most times it's people with less than under 50 posts under their belt. Why...who knows? Everyone wants to belong and be accepted .

    Edit: To whoever negged people here...why?
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    follow the leader

    I didn't post much when I very first came here because I was afraid of being laughed at. I didn't want to appear dumber( about computers) than I am so I figured I'd keep my big mouth shut and sure enough I posted in the wrong places any way. Maybe some of the other new members felt as I did. Most of you write good letters that are interesting and even the insulting ones are funny. I like to log on and read them all and enjoy myself doing so. I think most of them show a great diversity of thought. Personally I like this site. Love Auntie
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