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Thread: Send Women into Combat in Iraq?

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    Send Women into Combat in Iraq?

    Should U.S. Send Women into Combat in Iraq?

    Since the Persian Gulf War, women have been put into more forward positions in the military for the first time: combat aircraft, front-line engineering units. Do you support sending American women into combat in Iraq?

    Rep. Albert Wynn (D.-Md.): I believe that if women train for combat, and pass all the necessary qualifications, yes, they should be able to fight in combat.

    Would you support a bill requiring women to register with the Selective Service, the way men have to at age 18 now?

    Wynn: Yes. I believe that we’re at a point in time in our country where there’s essentially equality of the sexes. We’re certainly striving toward that. And with all rights come responsibilities, and I believe it would be appropriate for women to have to register.

    Since the Persian Gulf War, American military women have been assigned for the first time to combat aircraft and front-line engineering units. Do you support sending American women into combat in Iraq?

    Sen. Zell Miller (D.-Ga.): Nope


    What do you think? Send trained woman into action? Include woman in a draft if one became necessary?
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    No one should have to go to war Espically women. Theres a lot of "MOS" jobs in different services and most of the battle women are not allowed!

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    I once saw a button that said "We want equal Rights, not special treatment." That rings true for me.

    I'm for having women get drafted. If we want full equal treatement and respect, we should be willing to do all the things that men do, including fighting in the front lines and getting drafted if need be (though I am quite againts the war that our nutty president is asking for).

    Just my opinion


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    Back in desert storm if a woman didn't want to deploy all she had to do was become pregnant. It boggles the mind on how many girls did this, just so they wouldn't deploy.

    Not to bad mouth all the woman soldiers who did deploy and served with honor. I have nothing but respect for them as well as my male counterparts.


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    Ihave to agree with Green Bird
    I would rather send the politicians
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    anyone else noticed all the recent topics on here about females? -just an observation-
    Myself, i think females should have to be drafted, but then again there are simply certain things that cannot be ignored that seperate the sexes which could possibly hinder them from thier performance in the field, which the only thing i can truly think of is physique, female muscle mass developes...20% slower (i think, don't hold me on that) than the male's, so if brute strength, or even hand to hand combat for instance were to be necessary, then that's something to definetly consider. However, with the shape, and physical structure of the female, agility, stamina and speed are usually favored towards the females, so that should be factored in. Basically what I'm saying, yes women should be drafted, but there should be some consideration applied to what their duties should be and where they should be allocated in the services, but then again there are always exceptions and stereotypes to the sexes are usually defied at least somewhere in the world. *picks up the remaining three pennies up off the floor*

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    ****I'm not sexist, and all for equal rights****
    But IMHO, women are generally more gentler,kinder than men. But if they WANT to be drafted and go to war...let'em. Just like if men WANT to be drafted and go to war.
    On a side note, I read somewhere that they have or are trying pass a bill for bringing back the Draft, I'll post a link if I find it.
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    erm, i believe all womyn should be made fight by draft, if there is one. just the same as men. if you are 18 male or female, you should have to register, which they do. Everyone should have to fight, if one gender does, the other would to.

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    Now, Titanmike, sending politicians and their offspring including to their second generation *first* into the wars they declare is a fine idea that will never get off the first tee, it will never be thought of aloud and the words will never be spoken in the hallowed halls of the Congress or the Senate, or the Oval Office. But the absolute certain failure of such an idea in modern times doesn't necessarily make it a bad one.
    Back to the question proposed by Tedob1; there is pro and there is con, and the nature of this forum requires a certain amount of brevity. On the one hand, female soldiers have served well throughout history, and in fact have been some of the most ferocious warriors the earth has ever seen. On the other hand, the problem enters when our modern teachings tell us from age two that little sister is to be honored and protected. It wasn't long before she figured out that you could take care of any demons that came along, and it wasn't long before you figured out that if you didn't take care of the demons your buddies and upper classmates would soon quit worrying about what would happen to them if they mistreated your little sister. OK, now a quantum leap from hometown USA to bootcamp and basic airborne; your little sister is replaced by other young ladies in your class then later in your assigned unit. You all help each other, work together and develop sort of a family association. You look out for your brothers and sisters and they all look out for you. Another quantum leap now into the heat of battle; It is normal for a soldier to consider, but fight like hell to prevent, his environment in the event of capture. In fact, there is a considerable amount of realistic training on what to expect and how to endure capture by enemies. For a bunch of guys, it's we're all in this together and we all get the same treatment after the last round is fired and there is no way out. But you add little sister into the equation and there is a different type of mental stress for the guys. Sure, you girls can say you don't need any baby-sitters, and you are *not* our little sister, and that is not what i'm suggesting here. i'm just saying there is a additional level of stress for the average soldier when the troops are mixed in the forward areas and there is a possibility of, or an actual, capture of our female troops. Having said that, and hoping the reader can realize what i'm saying instead of getting their backs up and getting all huffy, i have to repeat: Women have been some of the most ferocious warriors in history. I'd sure hate to meet an enemy female hand to hand that had a couple shots of tequila and a bad attitude. . . .

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    My wife is currently serving in Operation Enduring Freedom... And she is due to come home after six months in Afganastan ... that being said... IMO women should have to register just as their male counter parts... Women however should not be placed into combat line units by any means (I believe my wife could kick the crap out of just about any guy in her unit and believe me she is 110% woman) mainly because men have been taught since childhood that they are suposed to protect women and keep them from harm... Males in the units with women in them will take chances that they wouldn't take if the unit were male only... The Israelis found that out in their war of independance... Being in combat is not a nice place to be... Most women IMO would not be able to handle the day to day stress of combat and all that it entails... If women want to serve I say more power to them... They should just serve in the support positions they hold now... they do not need to be in a foxhole to prove they have what it takes to make it in the military...
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