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Thread: Manufacturers push CD replacements

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    Manufacturers push CD replacements

    As I was surfing the CNN website I came across this article dealing with a replacement for CD's and I thought that we may be on the verge of a new technological breakthrough. After all, ten years ago the word was that the sound quality of a CD would never be eclipsed.

    While reading the article I came across what I feel is the true message that the creators of this new technology are pushing ...

    An added bonus for record companies and retailers, who are engaged in a battle against piracy, is that the relative complexity of DVD-Audios and SACDs makes them much harder to copy. At the same time, that might turn some consumers off the format.

    "Both incorporate watermarking, which means ultimately the record companies can control how you use the disc," Iverson says.
    Any thoughts?

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    I like a challenge!
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    Wonderful. I just got a CD player put in my car, and now I'm going to have to upgrade again? It is cool stuff, but how many of us would actually upgrade to get the full benefits of this technology? As for copying and pirating, all it would take is some software that can control a burner.

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    Even if all the CD's on the planet suddenly melted and all that was left was DVD-Audio or SACD's, I still wouldn't pay $19-20 for a friggin album!
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    Someone would eventually find a way around this little obstical and exploit the loop hole in the new product. As Tedob1 called it, it's just another "challenge" that many people will be ready to take on.

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    Ok. The fact is it's impossible to make music piracy go away. If there is a way to make a recording play, there is a way to record what it's playing. End of story 'nuff said.
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    The record company no matter how much we feal spite towards them is smart enough not to quit makeing cd's what's more likely to happen is a phaseing process like the movie peeps are doing with vhs/dvd and what happend with cd/tape.
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