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Thread: Halo 2 on it's way

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    Talking Halo 2 on it's way

    One of the best games of the year, Halo for the X-Box, has a son. Halo 2 is in the works, and it looks great. It seems that the covenant are taking over Earth and master-chief is the only one who can save it. I know this looks like an advertisment or a review, but I'm addicted to the game. This is big news for losers like myself. Anywho, the point of the thread, has anyone heard of an older halo for windows? I vaguely remember something to the effect of Halo 13. I tried a google search and all I got was NIN stuff. Any thoughts?

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    Hmm.. Halo 2 already? lol isnt it to soon to make a halo 2? I think it is but that would be kool if they made another one and i am pretty sure they are going to make one! And yeah that games is TIGHT! one of the best games for xbox!
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    they need that game for the PC!!!!

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    The game halo was original developed for PC. Then They took a long time to develop it and ran out of money. Then your freind and mine decided to make a console system. Of course you would need a great game to debut your new console so M$ bought out Bungie. I thought i heard rumblings of a PC ver of halo. At least that is what they were saying at the release party. about a year ago.

    side note. I thought it very amusing when i went to the Halo release party. They used mac laptops to run demo movies.

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    red > if your into shooting games, keep your eyes open for Duke Nukem Forever and Doom3, both of which look very promising. Hopefully they both will come with multiplayer ability.
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    I gotta say my son and I were both addicted to Halo and can't wait for Halo 2 !!!
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    Hah, I remember when I was an avid Tribes player and all the Halo people were on the forums claiming that very soon Halo would come out and kick Tribes 2's butt... and several months after T2, Halo DID come out... on a console. Heh. I'll believe it when I see it. Remember, the first time it was Bungie and finance, now it's Microsoft and ... Microsoftian-ness.
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