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Thread: Options locked?

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    Options locked?

    I was looking through several websites the other day, and everything was fine. The next day i went back on the net and my home page had been changed by a website (without my knowledge). But when i went to Tools - Internet options i get the following error message :-

    This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

    This computer is used at home and not on any network. The only way to get into internet option is thru control panel, but u cant access it thru Internet Explorer.

    Also in Windows Explorer when i go to tools - folder options i get the same message. Anyone know how i can sort this out?

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    If you see that your home page is changed, it is normal. Some websites ( espesially porn sites ) set their website address for your homepage when you enter at thier site ( it is really annoying ). But for your error message, I don't have any idea.

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    It sounds like there has been some dodgy registry editing going on. If you go to these links below and modify the registry accordingly, you should be able to access Internet Options again.

    Internet Explorer Control Panel Restrictions (Part 1)
    Internet Explorer Control Panel Restrictions (Part 2)

    Hope this helps you out


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    hmmm, sounds registry based as powertoad said, there is a very simple way of 'bypassing' this sort of thing in some situations, on the computers at uni they have disabled the option of going to net options in IE for obvious reasons, but they can be accessed by right clicking on the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop.

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