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Thread: Question on wiring...

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    Question on wiring...

    Everybody knows about the different types of media such as Cat 5, coaxial, and of course UTP and STP well I was wondering what the wire is that goes from your monitor to your tower. If anybody knows out there or even has a guess please respond. Thanks for ALL the help in advance. This site has been a GREAT help to me.

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    Usually it is just called the moniter cable. I am not sure of any technical terms for it.
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    Well, monitor cabling come in lots of different types these days. VGA monitors usually use a DB9 connector, which uses 9 pins. Whereas SVGA monitors are starting to use HDD 15 connectors, which use 15 pins.

    Nowdays, the vga cards usually always use the HDD15 connections, but only use either 7, 9, 10, or 13 pins. Some of the bigger monitors like my 20' have BNC connectors also. Some other monitors (like HP's) like to do weird connections, so they are proprietary. I'm not sure if they do this anymore, but they used to.

    Hope that helps

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    Monitor cable

    There are also new and bizzarre looking connectors on LCD monitors. Do a Google search on DVI and DFP sometime. Plus there are SUN (13W3) connectors.


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    Google knows it :P

    1 red
    2 green
    3 blue
    4 ID bit
    5 n/c
    6 red ground
    7 green ground
    8 blue ground
    9 n/c
    10 ground
    11 ID bit
    12 ID bit
    13 H sync
    14 V sync
    15 n/c
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