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Thread: Startup What?

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    Post Startup What?

    I don't know about everyone else, but anytime I look at the startup folder and registry or msconfig for that matter, I always have a hard time determining what exactly what is going to be started and if I need* it.

    I mean, who would know that hkcmd.exe is the program that is:
    Installed with Intel graphics chipset. Supports Hot Key Commands interface. Not required.

    I end up searching and searching until I find what they all are.

    I found this site that has most of the common startup programs all in one location. Finally!

    Sometimes you can look at the location, but for the ones that are in %systemroot%\ or %systemroot%\ system32 are a little harder to match up.

    There are still going to be a few that you will have to search for but this speeds up identification big time. It also helps you determine if it is legit or not.
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    Very cool link! Thanks for posting, that is a huge help and a great site.

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    It's a gas!
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    Yeah i always had bother identifying the various programs on startup!
    Cool link, even though i dont use windo$e any more!


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    Suspicious that it doesn't list gator of any of those Windoze adware programs, isn't it?

    I think it's a conspiracy. I bet their tool doesn't remove them either.

    No doubt the next version of Windows will have a specific "Adware" API that Adware can use which prevents removal and ensures ads pop up at every annoying moment.

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