Hey all,
Has anyone ever heard of a place called Cam Systems International?

I was just wondering cause we ordered a computer from them a while ago and when I received it the CPU fan was dangaling lose inside of the case. I tried to start it up and it wouldnt work. It gets 1/4 of the way through windows and locks up. So we called them and they told us to send it back. So I sent back the motherboard, proccessor and memory. They sent it back saying it worked fine. I got it back today and installed it, and guess what, the damn thing still doesnt work. So I called them up and talked to them. It would of been easier if they would learn how to speak english to start out with. I sat there on the phone for around half an hour talking to this guy who thought he knew everything. He told me to switch the clock speed of the proccessor, only thing is on this motherboard you cant. I tried everything I could think of before calling them. I took out the modem, reset the CMOS, changed keyboards, unplugged the CDroms, and switched everything but the hard drive and power supply. I am going to try a new hard drive tommorow. Two out of the three people I talked to could hardly speak english. And they keep on telling me stuff that could be wrong with it that sounded like he was just trying to sound technical.

Sorry about the ranting I just had to get it off my chest.