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Thread: a comment on "who I am"

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    a comment on "who I am"

    I get the impression that people are confusing me with someone else, specifically a user with a name very simlar to mine, who was a general pain in everyone's butt. I know some people wont believe me, and thats to be expected. This is in no way menant to be a gripe or compliant, but rather just to clear things up. I am in no way connected or associated with the person known as "komo" and various other variations of the name.

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    If ur not him, how do you know people are accusing you of being him? Are they pm'ing you or whatever?

    Oh I ment if your not him or dont know anything about him, how do you know him?

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    Not this crap again!!!I've only been here a couple months,but have seen people accuse other people of being one person or another over and over.If you don't have any proof other than a similar name,lay off.I can't think of how many times I've went to use a specific login name on a site and couldn't use it because someone else had it,so is it really that unrealistic to think a person can have a similar name to a member that got banned previously without actually being that person?I don't think it is.
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    I have not viewed it for a little bit of time, maybe he has stopped to create new accounts. You can view what problems a bad user can create to newbies.
    I really hope that you're not another Komo incarnation. So, welcome in AO K0m@.
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