I know we all love our google, but this new search engine looks pretty good.
Lets face it. When you do a search and wind up with 2,223,504 pages... who is going to be able to find what they want within reasonable time.
I know that if you use the google toolbar, it will give you a site rank, but this product may have a better idea.

I'm not knocking google. I love it and you can't beat the price.

Name of New Search Engine
Quote by NYTIMES

The popular search engine Google uses ranking techniques to sort through thousands of possible Web pages displaying what are often the most desirable pages first.

In contrast, Grokker builds a visual map of the general categories into which documents fall by using what computer software designers call metadata, which describes each Web page or document. The program currently works with the Northern Light search engine, the Amazon online catalog and as a tool for scanning a user's own PC file collection.
NYTIMES article

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