I’m stuck on which os to choose for a pc ive got that I want to use as a server/gateway for my 2 pcs, I don’t know anything about any os's apart from windows so I want something that’s pretty easy to use.

Here are the system specs

P1 166
32mb of ram
onboard 1mb video card

It’s going to be linked to the others via hub..one pc is on 98 the other xp, the 166 will have my adsl modem on it (usb) and will share the connections to the other two pcs. It will also be used for some p2p downloading and I would want to be able to transfer files.

I’m also new to networking (kinda like jumping in at the deep end with bricks round my feet isn’t it ) so im looking for something that is going to be easy to network, secure and not windows (I cant reach the reset button to easily ) and I would like a desktop as well. I know I might not be able to get all this but any comments are welcome.

Black Mantis