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Thread: This is how do you hack Hotmail!!! hehe

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    Talking This is how do you hack Hotmail!!! hehe

    so here we go:

    1. Hotmail: if anyone here has the skills to crack ms servers, you are god. but for the rest of us there are not many choices. assuming you don't have an access to the victim computer which has the password stored in the registy (or somewhere else <think cookies & web bugs>)for you to grab it (if you don't follow this stop reading click here you really have two choices BF (brute force) or SI (social ingeneering)

    a)BF: those who will tell you that ms servers are immune to bf are wrong. no matter what restriction ms has implemented into their login mechanism (think login attempts, IP monitoring), sufficiently 'intelligent' bf'er can spooff and still detect the response from the server. that's all you need in bf'ing; to know the response. possible but time consuming and technically difficult.

    b)SI: si is next to impossible to successfully execute on technically aware subject (like many of us here) but your girlfriend is another story (insert menacing evil laugh here) here i will describe the techniqe i have used so many times to find out what people are 'thinking'. (by the way my girl is the hottest chick ever i'll post a pic later) this method = 90% succes on subject unaware of security issues. FAKE LOGIN SCREEN. (the kit for makin' your custom fake login screen is not included in this post) in a kit, a program will create a fake bad attempt login screen HTML page. this page is e-mailed to the subject as an attachement w somthing like 'hey you gotta check out this site is amazin' once the subject has clicked our custom page is displayed and the subject is tricked into thinking his connection has timed out and she has to sign again. once the password is entered it is e-mailed through a public re-mailing service to your e-mail account and the subject's browser is re-directed to the site of your choice. the custom part of the page you make is 1. your e-mail for the pswd to get to you 2. the random site for the subject to be re-directed to so they don't suspect anything (make it something interesting as you promised in the body of the e-mail) and that's it i've used this method successfully many times to 'read thoughts'

    now ... i know i'm gonna be bitched at for posting this. i'm also not posting the kit's location (idiots won't find it by themselves) remmember SI makes you a scumbag but if you won't get caught who am i to judge you. maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend IS cheating on you and in the end SI saved your ass

    one more thing ... information purposes only... don't be fooled by others the same way

    has anyone ever gained access to msn mailbox any other way (from remote location, not from the target's own machine) ... has anyone ever user Mugga Bugga BF'er successfully on any free e-mail account

    flame if you want at hehe

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    Um...why post something like this? What are you going to do? What is the point of this YOU WILL GO TO JAIL IF YOU HACK HOTMAIL! No matter if it did save you ass becasuse your boyfriend or girlfriends was cheating on you. You will still go to jail. You still hacking into hotmail's computers, which all in all bekings to Microsoft. And Microsoft will take you down. Please don't post stuff like this. It's only your first post. Hell, don't post stuff like this if you on you 10000 post. It's stupid and useless.


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    just HOW many times has this type of thing been posted?
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    SI (social ingeneering)

    Pure Geneus.
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    how to hack hotmail

    Perhaps this is an example of what to avoid on this site. Even thought I stated my case for the "newbies", you are not one of them I stated it for. The members here may disagree from time to time but they are ethical people from what I have seen.Why would you put yourself in such a postion on this site let alone on the internet.?Whatever happened to your sense of principles?. This is not how to win friends and influence people when you are new. You must have picked up the wrong book. Auntie
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    well, this thread will at least serve as a warning to skriptkiddies that enter and ask the dreaded question: and we can point them in this direction and say this poor fellow was lead astray by the darkside too until he got banned and arrested... so bookmark this thread and we'll keep an eye out in the news.
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    i don't have a problem with your post at all. its pretty lame as a matter of fact. Fishing has been discussed here in datail many times. Your discription is less than average. Next you'll be telling us 'sploits for NT4

    the fact that you've chosen a name thats deliberatly offensive pisses me off. hiding in cyberspace and calling your self "badmother****er" tells me you ain't ****.
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