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Thread: Protect You Computer From Viruses

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    Protect You Computer From Viruses

    When ever you turn your computer on make sure your virus checker/protector is on. This will help your computer so those virus that are embedded by stupid and dangerous people on disk won't get in your computer without your knowing about it. All so people with high speed connection keep your firewall up at all times even when downloading i experienced problems with that like slow downloads but it is worth it because that way i can stop intruders from getting in and viruses
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    Good Advice........

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    nice advice pal i think firewalls like zonealarm and anti-virus like norton 2002 are my choice .both of them are effective to protect the disk from virus .well softwares like zonealarm (freeware) even protect computers from hackers and intruders.anywasy i will suggest one must have backup of their sensitive files by softwares like back up gennie.ya it will help a lot if somehow you are affected by a virus. that's all

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    that was extremely random.... we have two things on AO where you coulda stuck this. Quick Tip - You can add your own stuff there for people to see when they load AO, and the tutorials section. With those being there i dont see the need for just posting random advice.

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    There are also many more way of detecting virii & trojans. You could check for weird active-X controls, fix your browser so evil code from sites and cookies will have a hard time geting into your system, check for strange ports that open for odd reasons.

    While your AV will often check for some of these things it helps to give your AV a little support with safe/smart computer checkups and updates.

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