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Thread: What sup with program languages

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    Lightbulb What sup with program languages

    [gloworange]wat sup with programming languages[/gloworange]
    Wat is the best programing language is C++ or Visual Basic
    im used to using C++ but some say Visual Basic is better Somebody out there help me out
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    VB isn't better than C++ by any stretch of the imagination,unless you take into account that it's pretty well idiot proof.VB's much easier to learn,but there's not a whole helluva lot you can do with it compared to C++,but if you're looking for pure simplicity,VB's the way to go.

    Also,no offense,but questions similar to this get posted about once a week.If you search the some of the older posts,you'll find some more in depth debates on what programming language is the best.
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    It depends. I (used to) program in C++ till I started taking a Java programming class (I'm trying not to program in C++ so I won't forget what I learn in Java). But I highly reccomend C++. I've also tried VB, and it's, meh, well a bit "englishy" if you know what I mean. And I've heard that it gets you into bad habits when trying to learn another language after fully learning VB - I never got too far with VB to tell.

    C++, though, I'd say is probably a more versitile language, and may help you lots when/if you get into Linux.

    But, mind you there ARE more programming languages out there than just C++ and VB. And each have gurus of their own, saying that their programming language is superior to all others. I guess you'll just have to pick one, and set your mind on it.
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    what the members said up top of this post VB is really easy to learn honest i read a few tuts looked at some source and i was a pretty darn good VB programer. I would say c++ but i dont write c++ much i write just plain C. Hope that helps

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    Like we've been saying recently...c++ is the way to go if you want to go far. C++ is a true "higher level" language. VB is fine, too. It's a lot of fun and a good place to start. A lot of other c programers I know started out with it, as did I. But, honestly, you need to make up your own mind. I know for me, after a little over a year in VB, I started c++, and immediately I felt right at home. It was love at first sight. Try them all and do what feels best for you.

    These are, of course, just my silly little humble opinions! :-)

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    i have programmed in fortran ,java,c,c++ and asm, the best programming language among these is c++ (while asm is the most powerful one).
    after learning c++ you will find out that other programming languages are realy similar to c++ for instance perl(for web based programming) ....
    the file attached holds some cool links to useful resources for c/c++ programmers i thought it might help!
    by the way i hate vb it "sucks"

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    Re: What sup with program languages

    Originally posted here by burnbythee
    [gloworange]wat sup with programming languages[/gloworange]
    Wat is the best programing language is C++ or Visual Basic
    im used to using C++ but some say Visual Basic is better Somebody out there help me out
    That's like asking what is the best car. There is a reason why there are so many programming languages out there. No one language is better than all the rest. There are many different reasons why you may choose one language over the other, there are always comprimises.

    VB is great for simple windows API - but it's not portable to any other OS. It gets really messy when doing a big project, you do not have very powerful features (no pointers, etc).

    C/C++ were designed as high level programming languages with low level features. C was intended to be used to program Unix, almost unrestricted access to pointers, and quite a bit of low level operations such as bit rotations and shifts. You can do almost anything with C/C++, but it's not without it's quirks.

    Sometimes interpeted languages are the best choice for a project, usually for portability reasons. Perl, PHP and Java are all examples of interpeted languages. The major disadvantage is speed.

    Assembler is probably the most powerful, but most tedious language to learn. Every high level language, compiled or interpeted is converted to assembler before it is put into binary. Assembler is great for program speed and nessary to use in many parts of OS design, and drivers in windows. However, it is very tedious and coding time is probably 100 times longer than programming in a high level language. Major disadvantage is that every processor has their own assembler langauge.
    Furthermore each assembler has their own directives and names for each instruction - making portablility extremely difficult.

    That was just a basic overview, there are literly hundreds of languages out there - they each have their own advantages and disadvanteges. So there is absolutly no best langauge out there.


    Secondly, the languages you know doesn't make the programmer - but how well you can program. Good design is the most important aspect of a program, regardless of the language.

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    Any well trained Computer Scientist will tell you that the "best" programming language is the one that gets your particular task done in the way you want it done. Example: if you want a real quick prototype program, then VB might just be what you want; if you want a high degree of control of the data types and algorithms involved, then maybe C++ is a better choice for you (or maybe even C if you aren't concerned with object oriented programming).

    So, what is the answer? The answer is come up with a list of thing you want your program to do really well, then do some research on some different programming languages and find which one matches you needs best, because once you learn programming in one language, picking up another is nothing more than learning syntax and semantics.

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    Opinions are rampant....but both languages are good. They are different tools for different jobs.
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