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Thread: Eek!

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    eek is right!!!
    suddenly hacking is worse than murder?
    this is a scary thing. here comes big brother!
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    Yah that's about what it seems to amount to... murderers and rapists go free in a few years with some good behavior while g33ks get locked down for life. what gives? lol
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    F'in gag me.That's rediculous.What does congress know about security?Absolutely nothing.They don't even know how to write a damn document using word pad,they have to pay somebody to do it for them.This brings me to my point.How can a group of people so computer illiterate be expected to pass reasonable laws reguarding computer security?It's not like you can f%$king telnet into the Department of Treasury's bank accounts and transfer the money into your checking account.Congress is getting all of their info second hand from big corporate monopolies such as M$,who want people to be locked up for life to prevent their software from being pirated.This makes me sick.I usually take a right wing stand on almost any subject,but this IS CRAPPPPPP.Then the question arises about spoofed ip's.Lets say for example I spoofed my ip,and it just so happens it was yours that came up.The person that got hacked,reports it to your ISP and next thing you know you have a team of CIA agents in full combat dress come over and kick down your door and haul you off to prison,never to see your wives/husbands,children,and other family members again(at least not without a big hunk of plexi-glass between you),all because being the lamer you came up with a new idea for an exploit,and wanted to try it out.Granted it may have been wrong to test it on an unsuspecting victim,but is it really worth life in prison?Hell no!!!!There's child molestors,murderers,rapeists,and any other kind of disgusting monsters you can imagine walking the streets today after serving 4-7 years in prison because they went with a plea bargain and behaved well in prison,and the government has the nerve to tell computer geeks who deface a web site and put a mustache on the picture of your mom that they're getting life in prison?Screw a whole bunch of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Earlier this year, Smith said: ?Until we secure our cyberinfrastructure, a few keystrokes and an Internet connection is all one needs to disable the economy and endanger lives. A mouse can be just as dangerous as a bullet or a bomb.?

    can anyone spot the slight exaggeration? lol...
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    Scary stuff and, what's worse, it's liable to pass. Also, did anyone see the FoxNews report that Uncle Sam is sinking several hundred million dollars into some sort of mega computer that will allow them to read every single thing you send or receive online via keystrokes? They can do it now with email and instant messenger conversations, but this is even more advanced and intrusive, similar to having a keylogger in your computer. And, it will all be done from the Washington area.

    Obviously, they'll use some sort of flag system like they have now for email. So, if you type 'bomb' or something, you'll raise a flag and your online activity is liable to be monitored for a while.

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    That for the megacomputers who will check every word is very interesting ... where can i find more information about this?

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    well they jail hackers now also, so what's the big deal ?
    in any case, hackers aint gonna stop, yeah newbies will have to be careful, of course

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    The problem is that hackers are feared. They know a lot about things that most people have no clue about, and people are afraid of what they do not understand. People simply do not realize that most hacks are more or less harmless. There is too much of a climate of fear around it for most citizens to think clearly about it. On top off all that the media completely blows everything out of proportion every time something big happens.

    What did MafiaBoy do? He was a script kiddie with a simple DDoS tool. Most people I know think he actually hacked into all these systems and by some wit of magic took them all down. Yet to the ignorant he is revered as an antigod of commputer hacking.

    If people had been targeting groups like the KKK and kiddie porn sites, imagine how different the stereotype would be...
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    i read on a Swedish IT related news site that this would only apply if the cracker had endangered someones life or danger of serious personal injury...
    you guys read anything like that anywhere??.. if that is the case then i don't have that much of a problem with it, imagine someone screwing up the computers of a power faciliy and a hospital gets out of electricity for a couple of hours and people die or something like that, than i don't see the diffrence betwen the cracker and a cold blooded murderer...

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