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Thread: Best Wishes John

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    am i dreamin or this place is really for sale....
    please tell us it's a joke.

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    John I have been watching your community for about a year now and I have learned that even online there are places that feel like the lounge behind the comp. lab.

    I'v been praised, I'v been flamed, I'v been ignored, I'v been listened too.

    I will miss the feel of a few very smart people trying to make order where there is none.

    Good luck and I hope you get everything out of life that you want

    Still lurkin and learnin
    tired of being called an ass

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    Good luck JP, thank you for the time which have been and good luck with your future projects.

    Its sad to see and it makes me wonder what I will come back to in February. Is it the same AO or a strange unknown place ?


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    Well AO wont ever be he same without you JP c'mon you made this place and now you're selling
    i would like to say thanks for making this website for all that it's worth and best of luck to you in you're up-coming
    venture's and project's and dont forget to visit AO

    take care
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    as the years pass by AO has been liek a home ot of late i havent been here due to personal reasons but i do hope AO now continues to inform the public nad continues on the path that JP has placed it on...oh and JP u better be on AOIRC :P~

    \"\"A weak mind is like a microscope, which magnifies trifling things but cannot receive great ones.\" G.K. Chesterton, 19th-century English essayist and poet\"

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    I as well, wish JP all the best of luck in his new ventures.

    But what will happen to us??? Will this site be basicly the same when the new owner steps in, or will it be so far out of wack that AO loses its great features!?

    Change can either be good, bad, or maybe nothing will change at all... It just makes me a little nervous because this site has been essential to my knowledge of internet security and I don't want it to fade!
    The real question is not whether peace can be obtained, but whether or not mankind is mature enough for it...

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    Good luck in everything you do JP. Thanx to the site and the IRC i have made some great friends and some i have come to love like a relative ( alexzel for one ).
    Once again good luck and i hope the new owners dont wreck the place and keep the IRC

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    Good luck with your research,

    hope you leave the site in the hands of GOOD people,
    and ofcourse we still have Negative and all the rest.

    be sure to pop by evry now and then..

    cya around ?? the_JinX
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    Good luck and happy trails.

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    On the IRC
    I remember when I just started here. I remember coming here before, then I thought to my self, hey, what was that site agian? I remembered and came here. I remeber when I logged onto IRC for the first time, no one knew me, I knew no one. I just sat there and read what everyone had to say, then I started to talk, I've made quite a few friends. Jp, with out you Antionline will never be the same. If something happens to this site, I just want to say I love all you. You thought me well, Antionline was what inspired me to make unError. Though the day unError is as good as Antionline is the day I laugh and laugh for it will never be as good as Ao, I spend most of my days here. I didn't see the selling of antionline comming....hopefully, someone smart and someone that will look after it will buy it. I say we all pitch in some money. My best wishs John, come back and say Hi to us. We'll all miss you.

    Best of Luck


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