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Thread: switch between users win(2k/NT)

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    switch between users win(2k/NT)

    How to switch between users in windows2000/NT:

    Windows 2000 and NT do not have a command for switching between users so if
    You want to quickly switch between users in windows2000/NT this might help
    A little bit.

    First of all create a shortcut to cmd.exe (command.exe):
    Right click somewhere on the desktop and choose new and then shortcut.

    Right click>>new>>shortcut

    The wizard will ask you for the location of the program just input cmd.exe
    Give it a name and press finish.

    Hold the shift key and right click on the shortcut you created in the last
    Step, choose run as...
    Run cmd as the user you want to switch to, right click on the task bar and
    Choose task manager (you can also press alt+ctrl+Del and run task manager
    From the box that appears).
    Find explorer.exe in the processes tab and press end task. Windows will close
    Most of the programs but cmd is still there, in cmd window input explorer.exe
    And hit enter.
    that is it you have switched to another user like a b c.

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    nice, but a little bit messy... I'd think it would be easier, and cleaner to just logout and login as the other user... I mean, since it closes most of your apps, its just like doing that, but you've gotta do more stuff...

    And if you only want to do it for use of an application, you may as well use the Shift - RightClick to get the runas option, or just use the command runas from a prompt...


    RUNAS [/profile] [/env] [/netonly] /user:<UserName> program

    /profile if the user's profile needs to be loaded
    /env to use current environment instead of user's.
    /netonly use if the credentials specified are for remote access only.
    /user <UserName> should be in form USER@DOMAIN or DOMAIN\USER
    program command line for EXE. See below for examples

    > runas /profile /user:mymachine\administrator cmd
    > runas /profile /env /user:mydomain\admin "mmc %windir%\system32\dsa.msc"
    > runas /env / "notepad \"my file.txt\""

    NOTE: Enter user's password only when prompted.
    NOTE: USER@DOMAIN is not compatible with /netonly.
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    You can also simply hold shift and right click on explorer. Select run-as, enter the credentials for the other user account. Then anything run by that explorer will run as the user account you entered and not the user account that you logged in as. So you can browse over to your profile, and run anything in your start bar through explorer.

    This works quite well in situations where you do not log in as your administrative account, but you need to run an app as administrator.

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