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Thread: New Certification: Security+

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    New Certification: Security+

    Feds, firms unveil test for security pros

    A new certification program for entry-level computer-security professionals will officially get up and running Monday, said representatives of the combined industry-government group behind the exam.

    The Security+ certification, brainchild of the Computing Technology Industry Association, could become a minimum requirement that would help companies and government agencies hire knowledgeable network administrators. CompTIA is made up of two dozen trade and government security experts, including representatives from Microsoft, IBM and the FBI.

    Information-technology "security professionals, associations, and other appropriate organizations should explore approaches to, and the feasibility of, a nationally recognized certification program," the National Strategy says, "including a continuing education and retesting program. The federal government could assist in the establishment of such a program, and, if it is created, consider requiring that federal IT security personnel be appropriately certified."
    Interesting (and possibly vital) for those who are looking to get computer security work with the government in the US in the future. There is an outline here of the areas that the certification covers. So while it's not quite as indepth or detailed as other security certifications, it appears to offer a decent sort of grounding in the field of computer security.

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    Sounds like it could hold some promise. I have started taking classes for the SCP (Security Certified Program). It also seems to be a pretty good vendor-neutral program. Thanks for the post powertoad.

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    But will it end up like A+ were the cert is so easy to obtain it doesnít end up proving much.
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    I pretty much figured on taking Security+ after I've gotten my Comptia A+ and NET+ certs.. But from what I've found in my research into being more fully prepared for a Network Security Specialist position, is that you really need to get CISSP and other related advanced security certifications. And if I manage to succeed in getting those certs., I will definitely keep looking for more to learn. I can't wait to be ready for a CEH certification. Have you guys heard or know much about the CEH cert.? Is it really what the so-called experts say its cracked-up to be? Are 5 day certification "bootcamps" really all that effective and thurough? Let me know what you think or know for sure on this matter. Thanks!
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    Couple of things:

    First, this thread is over a year old. Watch the threads you are replying to and if they have the little flashing dates.

    Second, when I want certification help, usually to find out more information I check out GoCertify. Usually gives me a general synopsis, costs and where I can get more info. This is the info for the CEH.

    Lastly, IMHO, if I was to do certification as someone new I'd do something like this:

    Security+ (to get my feet wet)
    SSCP (lower version of the CISSP)
    GSEC from SANS (do it at the same time as the SSCP)
    Continue with more SANS certs, following the track of interest

    And then perhaps add a Masters to my knowledge.

    Hope this helps somewhat. The CEH is relatively to new (at least to me) and for HR departments they might not recognize it. It might still be worth doing but you might need to explain it to people as to its value and worth.
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