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Thread: UK AO'ers meet.

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    If its possible will I come aswell.. Never been to London so it will be a blast, been to the rest of europe though . To bad that my vacation is first in march, but I'll give it a try..

    Since I will be away a few months from AO would I be happy if someone could send me a PM so that I can be notified about the plans for this meeting.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everybody.


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    yeee it would be AMAZING if people are prepared to travel that far for it, we'll have to make it a proper Event! we can all wear red roses and whistle the first 8 bars of the theme from Swan Lake in order to identify one another hehe...

    zonewalker > i never meant to say such things! my humblest apologies good sir

    neg > i look forward to slam-dancing...

    wheeeeeeeeeee! i might go to japan in february to see my cousin [and besides, who needs an excuse to visit japan??] so we should definitely try to sort out a date. does anyone know any members who might be interested who don't post that often so that we could PM them instead? if that made sense...because this thread's gonna sink and then people will miss it but i still want to be able to promote it - is there any way of searching for members in this area of the world??

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    Sounds like a plan.
    I'll be up fa it if you get a date 'n' venue together, but its gotta involve a pub!!
    be nice for me to get out of Bournemouth for a change.

    \"I can resist everything, except temptation.\" - Oscar Wilde

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    Oh. If only I would have less work. I have never visited London, and in another circumstances I would have responded ok. But I have always this damn work to do (and it's worse during vacations than during scholar periods!).
    Maybe during the summer if it becomes regular.
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    It sounds like a good idea, i might beable to go depending on college and my money situation. shame its not in southampton it would be perfect for me and anonymityX .
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    Originally posted here by Negative
    Count me in... haven't been to London in 10 years or so. I'm gonna go slam-dance with Lady HaxX0r. And I'll push ViktorKaum and them silly Dutchies to come as well... And about the chunnel... it's cheaper to fly with Ryanair (last time I checked, it was 11 bucks from Brussels to some remote London airport)
    COUNT ANOTHER SILLY DUTCHY IN! Negative, contact me man, we should go together. hehehe. we'll show those silly uk-ers what partying is. As far as I know, all bars close around 23:00 around there. Well, then we always have the nightclubs.

    Anyways. Count me in. we should arange some meeting place or something.


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    We silly dutchies will show you were we are made of BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

    ... hehe you wait .. you wait
    Double Dutch

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    Sounds great. How about Namco Station during the day? They've got a licensed area AND an area for the kiddies. Just next to the wheel for anyone who hasn't seen it yet either.

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    love to go fellas, not euro though so itd be alittle odd for you all to see a dumb american But... i loved england when i went, ill see if i can arrange a flight, it does cost money... that i dont have much of... we'll have to ask spike to come too redgore.

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    Check #london at for this.


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