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Thread: UK AO'ers meet.

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    w00t Nice to see people willing to travel ! Namco station would be a great place. or maybe if everyone is willing we can hire a room at a hotel or something. The provisionary date is the 15th & 16th Of feburary What do people think we should do ?

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    Pub/Club 'n' get wasted?
    Thats always easy to organise... lol
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    right well keep me up-dated
    anything develops about this PM me as I don't really get on here as much anymore
    woohoo - can make a road-trip out of it as well!!!

    get ready cause the Irish are gonna show the rest of you what a real P a R T y IS


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    ok a few links to help everyone plan their trip

    getting there.....

    by road -> route planner
    by rail -> rail timetables
    by bus -> bus timetables
    low cost airlines -> easy jet ryan air

    where to stay -> youth hostels
    || one personnaly I think looks funky || -> generator


    pub crawls -> crawl routes in london

    so peps lets get planning
    anyone here from london who can give us some insight ?? what to do? what to see? where to avoid?? where to stay???


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    Sounds like a blast! count me in just say when & where and the Cardiff Massiv (which is in actual fact just me..) will be enroute.....

    I can drink for at least five of you 18 year olds tho ;p muahahahaha

    looking forward to it.....
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    Somebody say "PINT"...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah boy....... I may just hop a bird to cross the pond for a nice pub visiting AO'er knock down pass and drag out. At least make it a couple of days long for those of us that fly over.....
    The COOKIE TUX lives!!!!
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    woohoo - can make a road-trip out of it as well!!!
    Well v_Ln, if you're making a road trip out of it, any chance of picking me up on the way!

    The Irish contingent will be out in force!


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    well im 20 and from scotland, and ive never been to london, lemmie in on the costs, and where, and ill need a while to save for it


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    Its nice to see you all wanting to come. me and Lady_H originally thought it wouldnt have much success ! We need to get a organisers group sorted ! If you are willing to help us arrange then please post saying so. it would be about 60 for the hotel i would have thought and then its just a matter of how much you drink and eat ! Anyway we need help if anyone is willing cayse we are basicly overwhelmed by the response.

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    r3b00+ > I'm in teeside middlesbrough atm
    but ryanair doe cheap flights from dublin to tees....if you got a flight here I don't see any probs in u hoping in for the trip as well
    a mate of mine is actually driving but he should be cool with it

    redgore > just let me know what you need me to do to help


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