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Thread: Sendmail holes

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    Sendmail holes

    Where can i find some sendmailholes for windows system's?

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    If you read the FAQ's I think this qualifies as one of those "how do I hack hotmail accounts?" questions. This site is more focused on security and not malicious happenings. But the always good alternative is

    Edit: I am not sure if you meant to do this in a malicious way or not as stated by others if you mean it to protect yourself please include more information as to what programs and such. They way you phrase as I so kindly found out by getting negged a couple times for which I dont know
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    Are you stupid, here we say the holes only to "fill" them not to use them for bad, that i understand from your post.

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    but you could argue, if you don't know what holes are there you can't begin to fill them!

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    Originally posted here by anonymityX
    but you could argue, if you don't know what holes are there you can't begin to fill them!


    This is true, however, if that is the case, then the way one phases the question is critical. Something perhaps like "I am setting up a sendmail server, what vulnerabilities should I be aware of so I can secure my server."

    The way this question was put out, it does lead one to believe that the information is required for another purpose.


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    Going to have to agree the way the question is put makes one think about finding a way to use a server for spamming. As for those newly minted MCSE, dig much info up off of M$ site. I am amazed I must say at how many people are in control of systems and networks way beyond their knowledge and expertise to administer. Also lacking is what emial program in question after all the send mail in Exchange is different from Unix, or Lunix, in short specific platforms have specific configs for sending mail. The question is very broad lacking what OS it sits on top of. As the question is written it appears like a where do I find a point and click send mail hide whom I am question. One always takes a risk with point and click programs or scripts becuase if they are used on a server configed right you may very well expose your own IP and have your account taken away.
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    Can you even run sendmail on windows? I mean, besides some lame Cygwin kludge. Boy oh boy was that a dumb question. Almost a little too dumb. Perhaps Warboard is messing with us.

    Oh, either that or he is a moron.
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    On a related topic, has anybody used the latest version of sendmail in linux. If the sendmail configuration files permissions set to high (such as 755), then your mail won't work at all. I think its a good safety feature that they have included.

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