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Thread: S Koreans launch cyber attack on US over schoolgirls' deaths

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    S Koreans launch cyber attack on US over schoolgirls' deaths

    S Koreans launch cyber attack on US over schoolgirls' deaths
    Political activist rally S. Korean hackers to attack the Whitehouse
    12-01-2002 10:40:45 AM CST -- from ABC News

    S Koreans launch cyber attack on US over schoolgirls' deaths. South Korean activists have attacked the White House computer server with electronic mail bombs to protest the acquittal of two US soldiers accused of killing two schoolgirls in a road accident. Meanwhile, four people have been arrested breaking into a US army base and riot police have stopped 300 protesters from marching on the American embassy in Seoul. South Korean hackers and Internet users launched the bombs at the server at 0300 GMT.

    However, an activist says the cyber attack is "largely ineffective due to an advanced filtering system at the White House". The activist says a second attack will be launched. It is not known how many people are involved in the attack. Some 25 million people, more than half of the South Korean population, have access to the Internet and regularly use email. The attack was led by a coalition of 130 civic groups, which have organized protests since two 14-year-old girls were crushed to death by a 50-tonne military vehicle on their way to a birthday party in June. Anti-US sentiment escalated in South Korea, one of Washington's close allies, after a US military court cleared the soldiers of negligent homicide two weeks ago...
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    However, an activist says the cyber attack is "largely ineffective due to an advanced filtering system at the White House".
    I'll bet the White House is using ProcMail for their filtering system! I bet I even know the recipe:

    /* You are not expected to understand this. */

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    That's pathetic, to mail bomb the governments servers. Don't you think they have some sort of filter or way to mass delete w/o touching them or something? Like they said, they have mail filters, but I mean you gotta be a little more creative then a stupid mail bomb. They said a second attack is coming, what are they going to do this time, Anonymail us with Pathetic if you ask me, especially using kiddie tactics like that.
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    Specialist, i dont mean to cause trouble... but dude, two schoolgirls had a 50 tonne U.S. military truck park on their heads.... and you have to keep in mind that this happened IN korea....

    Im not approving with the attack, but still i dont see this as "a bunch of prejudice people who want to start some crap with America...again"
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    Email bombing is pretty lame. Its something I would expect out of an 31337 AOL hacker.

    I do feel bad for what happened to the 2 girls. Its tragic when an accident happens and innocent children die.

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    My family was in many... many... many... wars but should that make me a target for floods and other attacks? I mean do you really think they should attack the gov. just because some guys nutted up?

    Though I agree that these guys should go to jail or die, that doesn't give them the right to attack random gov. branches. Besides thats just plain dumb.....

    Did you know that in the war S.K. peaple would play both sides of the war... killing both U.S. & N.K. but does that give me the right to attack south K.?

    P.S. to the lame idiot who hardly read my posts... the AP basicly says" YOUNG AND STUPID" ohhh yeah sure..... and I guess you think flooding mail services of random gov. branches is the "SMART THING TO DO" right??? All im saying is that if these guys weren't american and they got away then it then it would make the news awhile. I mean if you invited someone to your house and a few days later this guy turns out to be wanted for murder.... whould you just stand by and let peaple burn your house down? Well thats one of the things they tried to do with that base over there.

    If you'd grow a brian you'd realize that im not advocating anything all im saying is that these peaple shouldn't use the deaths of others as a excuse to attack america when the real enemy should be the guys who were responsable.... not just random targets here and there....

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    ah, come on, anytime a driver hits a pedestrian it IS the drivers fault. The army represents the government and the army aquitted them. where should they direct their anger...disneyland although i gotta say my knowledge of the subject is limited to what ive read here.

    so i did some looking:

    salt lake tribune:

    They demanded an apology from the U.S. military and trial in a South Korean court of the two soldiers who were in the vehicle.
    But South Korea does not have the legal right to prosecute the soldiers because they were on duty, and the U.S. division headquarters said there were no plans to court-martial them.


    I don't think thats too much to ask and apparantly neither does the us army:


    2 U.S. Soldiers Charged in S. Korea

    Two American soldiers have been charged with negligent homicide for hitting two South Korean girls with their armored vehicle, the U.S. military said, reversing an earlier decision not to prosecute the men.

    The deaths had touched off near-daily anti-U.S. protests. South Korean activists demanded an apology and a South Korean trial of the two U.S. soldiers.

    Sgt. Mark Walker and Sgt. Fernando Nino, both from the Army's 2nd Infantry Division, north of Seoul, were accused of violating the Pentagon's Uniform Code of Military Justice, the U.S. military said in a press release.

    The men's armored bridge carrier hit the 14-year-old girls as they were walking along a public road on June 13 in Yangju near the border with North Korea. The vehicle was taking part in a training mission.

    The move was a reversal of an earlier U.S. decision not to court-martial the two soldiers. Under an international agreement, South Korea cannot punish U.S. soldiers involved in accidents while on duty.

    There was no clear U.S. explanation about the change in its position. Lee Ferguson, a spokeswoman for the U.S. military command, said only that ``the charge came after the internal U.S. Army investigation.''

    The trial is expected to take place at a U.S. military court in South Korea, said Lee Ferguson, spokeswoman for the U.S. military. If convicted, the soldiers could face up to six years in prison.

    On Thursday, 400 people staged a protest in front of the 2nd U.S. Infantry Division headquarters, shouting for an end to the U.S. military presence in South Korea. On Friday, a dozen activists staged a similar protest in front of the U.S. military command in Seoul.

    Also Friday, a South Korean court issued an arrest warrant for a university student who tore down a wire fence of the 2nd U.S. Infantry Division's headquarters last month during an anti-U.S. demonstration.

    U.S. military officials said the armored vehicle struck the girls as it was rounding a curve and as a convoy of Bradley fighting vehicles was approaching in the opposite direction.

    Walker, who was driving the armored vehicle, had testified that he was on the radio and could not hear a warning from Nino, who was the vehicle's commander, according to South Korean police.

    ``Both are charged with the deaths of the two girls by negligently failing to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle,'' the U.S. military said without elaborating.
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    LOL all those American and U.K. peaples hard work being bossed by the U.N. to become global super cops is backfireing... HEHEHEEHEH.

    But I still say that they should direct some more anger towards the peaple who did it rather then let them have a slap on the wrist then blame U.S.

    I heard the kids were shot... then the protesters broken through the gate and tried burning the base down.... DANG 2nd RATE NEWS REPORTS

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