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Thread: Would You Pay A Monthly Subscription Fee?

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    Would You Pay A Monthly Subscription Fee?

    Greetings All:

    The question for this thread is this:

    Would you pay a monthly subscription fee for premium content or services as part of your membership on the site?

    Why or why not?

    If so, what additional features/content/services would make you willing to subscribe to the premium membership?

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    if I did have to pay, which I would, i would want maybe a better break down of the tutorials and other information, paying for this website would almost be like receiving a techie magazine but supercharged, (which would be something good for you to put out with your AO store idea). so getting a "subscription" here would be worth the dough IMHO
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    I wouldn't pay for a subscription either. Unless something extraordinary was offered here, I wouldn't pay for it. As of right now, I don't see anything worth subscribing to. Forum chatter isn't worth a price (especially when 75% of it is non-security related).

    I don't see a vuln d-base or anything else being offered that isn't freely available elsewhere. Charging would be a good way to get rid of visitors though.
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    nah jp sorry im with hog, im guessing its not your idea to have to pay, probably a negotiation t hing. anyway but no, bad idea. no one will do it

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    I would have to agree here. Generally you pay for services. But AO as of this point offers no services. And I am certainly not going to pay to get negative antipoints for a valid and factual post with a comment of "**** you *******" or worse.

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    I wouldnt pay because I dont have the money and by making people pay alot of people would leave and the few that were left wouldnt have enough people for awnsers and their would be very few posts which would probally drive more people away so I think it is a bad idea.

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    no. because im too dam cheap
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    I have a habit of not paying for things that I use to get for free.
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    i doubt many peps would pay
    and as the rest have said you would need to offer something out of the normal as a premium service....
    but i can't think what you could offer that cant be gotten else where for free


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    if you forced people to pay, AO would Die very quickly

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