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Thread: If members were hired part-time to run

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    If members were hired part-time to run

    Greetings All:

    The question for this thread is:

    Do you think it would be a good idea to pay a select group of site members part-time to help run the website?

    If so, what functions would you most like to see paid site staff members perform?

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    Hi JP, in my opinion, if you were to go this route, whichever member's you chose to bring on board should be able to perform any or all of the functions you have listed in the poll. After all if you were to hire one or more members I would think (again, just my opinion) the job expectations should be, that the individual could perform all you require.


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    Well if I was selected, I'd moderate or run the site for free. That's just me, I'm not in much in life for money. However, yes, it would be great if members were hired part-time to help run AntiOnline. That would be a great idea IMHO.
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    If members are going to be paid, I would like to see them do everything that you do. Keep the masses happy, improve the site to keep members around, not catering to everyones wishes but trying to keep the majority happy.

    I'd also like to see them get rid of a lot of the garbage talk on here, and replace it with articles, stories, etc as one of the options suggests( make it more security related and not so technical support related), and moderate the forums etc.
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    i might suggest a pay by article/tutorial basis. a piece might be submitted for review, and the member paid if it is accepted (freelance work)
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    I agree with qwerty-smith. It would encourage more people to write tutorials, but that raises the chances of plagiarism as well. A THOROUGH review process would have to be implemented.
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    I think its a good idea. It will certainly improove the content on the site. I also agree that whoever you do hire should be able to manage all the above aspects. You could always hire me Heh, seriously though, it would definetly bring the content back to what it should be. Some of the things they could do is to have editorials on certain subjects, have weekly focuses on certain subjects, etc...

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    I think it's a great idea. It could work like the forum moderators in our current system, except that their power and number would be increased. You chould choose people who have demonstrated a high degree of knowledge in a particular field and essentially hand over the forum in that field to them. Maybe 2 per forum or something.

    These moderators would be expected to lead by example in their respective forums and write tutorials on a variety of subjects from time to time and help answer users' questions. Sort of like in academia. Publish or perish. Since I assume the point of all this is so you don't have to mess with the operation of the site, they need to have the power to address abuses of the system and, if necessary, take action against the abusers.

    Of course, they would have to be very carefully chosen to ensure that they are both knowledgeable of the subject and possessed of high enough character and judgement not to abuse their power.

    But I think it's a great idea with tons of potential for the quality of the site.
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    problem i can see with this is motivation i mean you will get 100000 responses for the positions but about 75% will be in it for the name if you get my drift....
    however if selected well it could work and i think it would work well given the load was split coders/moderators/admins whatever mmm one thing i suggest is a trial period to see how the selected memebers work as a whole and also on their own see if they pull their weight or whatever just so 1 person doesnt bring the site down whatever
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    Hmmm, I would like to see this happen. If you cant continue the Antionline legacy on your own time, then let someone else who loves this site do it. I would personally like to see Negative have a hand in this. He has always proved himself and his strong charactar that makes him perfect for the job. Not to mention his unwaivering knowledge. I would like to see a more active sysop. JP doesnt havethe time he needs to run this forumthe way it needs to be. He needs a redundant JP. Like a clone maybe. That would be cool. Good Idea, however it lacks target.
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