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Thread: An Retail Store?

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    Dec 2001
    he he

    I'd flaunt a tee shirt....
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    Shadow Programmer mmelby's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
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    A resounding YES. I think that is a great idea to generate revenue.
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    Aug 2001
    The AntiOnline logo would have to be an eye-catcher. (I enjoy this site, but the logo on the web pages looks like it was done with crayons...sorry, personal observation...{I await the backlash}...)
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    Jul 2001
    Guys, I think we all want our Lunchboxes that were promised those many moons ago. If anyone should get it first, it should be souleman.
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    [list=1][*]Lunchboxes[*]Tshirts[*]Mugs[*]Assorted-Tableware[*]Posters[*]Toys[*]Caps / hats[*]Mousepads

    and ofcourse
    [*]Stickers of all kinds[/list=1]

    But this could (and I think should) be an off-site thing..* or something

    * link does not work.... DUH

    And it is not nescesary to say: be done by someone else..
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    Oct 2002

    I would

    Yeah JP,

    This is a Cool idea!

    I would buy AO publications, mouse mat, lunch box, T-shirt, underwear, etc


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    Aug 2001
    I always wanted an Antionline bandana
    Alternate realities celebrate reality. If you cant handle the reality your in, then you wont be able to handle the one your attempting to escape to.

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    Jan 2002
    connecting to a sub is a better idea.
    the logo is another issue .

    you can get a special deal from companies such as Zone Alarm to resell the upgrade and get comission .
    u can do that with many companies, i think so.
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    Re: I would

    Originally posted here by paladin
    AO underwear, ooooooo!!!! I shuder to think. "Whats protecting your public assets"? None other than AO's new security briefs. Look out Norton a new BOX is in town.
    The COOKIE TUX lives!!!!
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    To funny P2P think of JP's avitar in all the private places. At any rate I'd buy stuff and most of it already in other posts. As for the logo I like the crayon look, me thinks that part of the design was to let people assume a lamer did it when in fact a pretty smart guy and team put up a secure system and log all the attempts, I still look and and read the logs here alsways good info there. Go for it JP the site should make a profit, not selling out just making a living
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