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Thread: An Retail Store?

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    Oct 2002
    Good idea, but, only if the items you are going to sell are any good, compare what you are thinking about producing to the items sold at the and

    The item there don't sell because they have thinkgeek and the register all overthem.

    So that I'm trying to say is the idea is only as good as the items you have to sell. if the items are crap so will the number of sales.

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    Dec 2002

    AntiOnline Store

    I would buy tech stuff from, but only if they new about and tested the products that they would sell. If they just opened up a normal online store I probably wouldn't buy. But if they only had products that the people at Antionline knew about, used, and wrote reviews on, then I would definatly buy from Antionline.

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    I like the idea of selling security software. Why not produce a security scanner, firewalling ap, network security tools, ip resolvers, etc...and sell them to the public. It would definetly appeal to most of the people who come here. You could even hire some of the better programming members to write the software. I think that would be a great idea. You could also sell shirts like the ones at thinkgeek, etc... Just remember that not all the stuff should have AntiOnline tagged all over it. A simple "1337" t-shirt would prolly sell.

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    Aug 2001
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    Or you could get a sort of deal with some software companies (with non-suck software) much like Safeway does. Buy the Antionline store-brand antivirus solution! Well, I don't think that would really work...

    Personally I'm just plain not a mug/hat/t-shirt person, regardless of the subject.
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    Jul 2002
    I like the idea of selling security software
    Hmmmm..... it's an interesting idea, but how would that affect the content and objectivity of the site? I mean, when somebody pops in and says, "Hi, what's the best firewall?" the answer will be, "Well, ours of course." Whether it was true or not, I have a feeling that there would be a certain amount of mistrust from people seeking that kind of information if AO were selling such products. I'm not sure that mixing education and marketing would be such a hot idea.

    I would, however, go for mouse pads and coffee mugs.
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    Sep 2001
    Again, because i cant vote ill post my opinion on here...

    I think id buy a few things here and there from an AO store, definately a lunchbox... hehe, i already have my t-shirt, i need another one though cus i got a ketchup stain on it!!! waaaaah

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    Jan 2002
    /me still wants my AO lunchbox.

    Seriously though. A side page with t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads and of course lunch boxes with the AO logo would be cool. I'd buy some stuff.
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    Jul 2002
    I would buy items from an antionline store. As for items... hardware firewall, antivirus software, security related books and of course the antionline lunchbox. :-)

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    Aug 2001
    Yes I would by.

    And after reading some posts, I think it would be of best interest to just have a separate link to the shopping site. AntiOnline focuses on internet security, not clothes.

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    I would definitely buy AO shirts..mugs..and assorted merchandise if this was implemented.
    But the question I have in mind is, if we will have an online store, how safe is this going to be.

    This will give some malicious hacker another opportunity to test the security of the site

    Would this compromise the security of the site?

    How safe is it going to be that a sophisticated hacker wont be able to obtain credit card numbers?or break into the server?
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