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Thread: If you had the choice.

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    Jul 2002
    Nobody likes popup ads but its becoming common practice on the Internet. I would gladly fight my way through the popup to be able to use this site.

    I'm sure who ever you sell antionline too will do what's in he best interest of the site. Making money means keeping its memebers/visitors happy. Antionline members have a great community and I think they will work to keep it thay way.

    With that being said, take the best deal for you.

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    Aug 2001
    I don't think ads would even work. Considering the kind of people that visit this site, I see most of them having ad blockers, popup blockers and the like. But yes, I kinda like option 1 if the site stays Exactly The Same otherwise, I at least would disable my ad and popup blockers if that was going to help the site stay up.
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    Jun 2002
    Crank up the ads, offer ad-free surfing for a nominal monthly fee and go from there.
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    Mar 2002

    Thumbs up

    I feel that my opinion is worth a little less at this point but why not...

    If the site is a burden on your hands, then either sell it to a third party company or hire someone with the money made from the banners and monthly fees.

    If it's due to financial issue, then go with the advert direction (if it does create revenue) and include an option where those who want to surf without banners pay a little fee. (plus adding a few extras)

    I myself would be more then proud to pay for accessing this site. Just make sure you include other payments besides credit card (for those who are credit history challenged )

    The only thing that worries me is having to find a new site to educate myself about current security issues, as well as computer related topics and such. The people I work with are, in most part, computer illiterate or just plain stupid.

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    Jan 2002

    stay how it is

    I know you really can't do anything about it JP but I think that AO should stay as it is. I don't want to return to a website that has pop-ups every 10 seconds advertising me to buy some windows product that I probably don't need. The main question running through my mind is "who is buying AO?" Let's say it's our friendly govt. Frankly I wouldn't mind if the U.S. bought AO- even though some may think that they would spy on us. If Norton bought the site then they'd have popups telling us to buy their Anti Virus software and whatnot. AO the page is also completly different from AO IRC... what about that? blah blah blah

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    Nov 2002
    id say choice number one. i've only recently become a member but i've been coming as a guest for over 2 years now. i really like what is being done withh the site and would hate to have it taken away, i think you guys are doing a real service to the planet

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    Aug 2001
    what do you want to do? I don't mind ads I doubt I'd pay unless there was something here I couldn't get for free (and in my screwed up head who knows what that might be). If you want to sell it do so, if your getting misty about giving up the site well consider this. You've had this website for about 10 years, you've seen it grow to the monster it is today, your going to feal some need to be with it for the rest of your life, kind of like a child. But if you need to money or your time is being stretched too thin or your loseing money then you do what you need to do, cut the site free.
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    Jan 2002

    2 & 4 , but don't push me to 5 :S

    well if u do sell the site as option # 1 , who would garantee that they won't be abusing it with a hell of pop up and ads. ( so just dumb this one unless u've been offered a superior figure & u wanna sell , then good luck)

    as for the second Option, AntiOnline stay put, but with more advertising from third-parties on the site:
    this one more acceptable, but lots of popups maybe coupled with surfers loss.
    but i'd accept that.

    3rd. Option: AntiOnline stay put, with no advertising, but a monthly subscription fee.
    u can tell from the poll, forget it.

    [COLOR=blue[FONT=century gothic]]*** AntiOnline stay put, with some advertising, and a monthly subscription fee for premium content/services only. **
    well, i see that this would be the best solution, the site saty as it is, more ads but not pop ups, and a special section or part of the site would be accessable only for members. [/COLOR]

    conclusion: i choose 2 & 4.

    but, i MIGHT be choosing 5 if u choosed 1.
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    May 2002
    AntiOnline stay put, with some advertising, and a monthly subscription fee for premium content/services only.

    My choice, as long as some adverstising means one or two banners no popup and the rest and premium content and services worth payment for.

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE LUNCH. If you want quality content and services then you have to pay for it.

    There were times that everything on the Internet used to be free not anymore. Before you could get free domains, free domain name and lots of other tools.

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