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Thread: a Jackass behind a computer...

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    a Jackass behind a computer...

    I guess im an extreme newbie, so far all i know about is NetStat and Neo Trace. If you guys are online often you can feel free to message me with anything helpfull you may know. im a first year U student and im working my way through comp sci. Thanks people.

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    Welcome to AO jackass One of the best things you can do is read the forums. They are categorized to help you. Take a peek at the tutorials forum to get ideas on whats good to learn. As long as you stay receptive, you will learn a great deal from the folks here. We have experts in practically every aspect of Information Security as well as many other fields in IT. If you hear about something interesting in your class or elsewhere in your travels, do a google or search from the AO homepage to see what you can turn up. You would be surprised at how much information is out there for various interesting topics of which you would probably want to learn. Take care.

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    Originally posted here by jackass
    I guess im an extreme newbie, so far all i know about is NetStat and Neo Trace.
    Second Helpfull Hint: Don't be so retarded.
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    Welcome to AO jackass, you're in for a nice surprise around this place, a pit of knowledge!

    Heres some things for you to read so you dont get off on the wrong foot.

    Tutorial Index by Negative
    Ultimate Newbie FAQ by Ennis

    Those should keep you reading for a while

    And once again welcome!



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    well as mentioned anywhere on the site is a great place to start looking around, the newbie security questions and general chit chat forums are usually a good place to learn about things you may never have heard of, ever hear of a liquid nitrogen cooled computer? (foudn that in the chat forum i think), in most cases the best way to learn is to ask questions in the forums, ive learnt heaps by asking questions and looking at other peoples responses to forum topics

    if you havnt tried it already (but i think you may have) get yourself a linux distro and have a play around with it, its really a great learning tool and its free too and will run on almost any type of old computer system if you can do without the GUI interface

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    Fear the dark side, a force is stiring in the universe..................................... Just follow the wisdom of the small green one that goes by Yoda... Oh wait! Wrong site.. er.. um..... Welcome and pull up a chair. You'll find a wealth of info here. I just wanted to post this because it's always nice to see a new person post like this. Without the "how to hack whatever" postings. I like to see when someone says. Hey, I'm new and I want to learn. So welcome again.
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    Welcome, Jackass, and don't feel alone. I'll bet you know more than you think. There are a lot of security related sites on the net and all are helpful, but this is one of the most helpful, and one of the friendliest.

    Spend some time checking out all the threads that the others have given you, then join in.

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    Hey, welcome in AO, Jackass. We are always happy to see enthusiastic newbies (it reminds me when I discovered Netstat!).

    I know you want to understand every computer and security aspects quickly. But keep you calm, take a breath. And listen all the advice that our Senior Members (err... Jedi Masters?) have to give. 70% of the knowledge you're searching is here. But don't try to learn all in a week. You're trip into the security world have just begun young padaw.... err..newbie.
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    Hey jackass, welcome to Ao. I have only got one advice to give you, if you want to be constantly successful, and not be annoying. Please do not BITCH about your AP's. Take that one from me -Ebo.


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    Welcome to AO Jackass! Nice name btw dude . Anyways, welcome also to the world of Computer and Informaton Security. It's a huge world with different roads you can travel down and a whole lot of things to learn, so let AO help you on your journey. By knowing the "ropes" of AO through reading the FAQ's, seeing what we do and not do, and just overall being nice, you'll probably get on well. I hope that you learn as much as you want and that everything works out for the best!

    (Hint: I read alot of the tutorials in the Tutorials Forum, it can teach you alot! You should read some as well to help you in your quest.)
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