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Thread: how can u clock ur proccers to 8 ghz its work

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    how can u clock ur proccers to 8 ghz its work

    first put ur computer in to a fritge and find a script there can clock so much thats al and its work i have try it

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    alternatively, react concentrated hydrochloric acid with potassium permanganate:
    16HCl + 2KMnO4 -> 2KCl + 2MnCl2 + 8H2O + 5Cl
    chlorine prepared in this manner contains some hydrogen chloride gass but this can be removed by bubbleing it through some deionised water. the chlorine can then be dried by passing it through concentrated sulphuric acid and, since it it much denser than air, it is collected by upward displacement of air, inside the box of the computer in question, aslong as you first seal up the base of the unit. then throw in about 3kg's of antimony powder inside the box with the chlorine. this should form a substance called antimony(III)chloride. its magic like properties increase the thickness of the bus by up to 16nanometers allowing bigger signals to travel through it. and it also increases the curvature of space-time around the processor allowing signals to travel less distance in quicker time. however most computers require twice the mains voltage to continue operating after performing this mod, then you just _might_ get 8Ghz...

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