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Thread: Terrorist website

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    Angry Terrorist website

    I found a site called that is an islamic anti-american website and the DNS being hosted by a company in NYC. 2 questions.....

    1) Do web hosting companies have no morals?

    2) Instead of punks breaking into my network......why don't they terrorize the terrorists???? They started it!

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    Islamic anti-american website? Oh of course, they must be terrorists. Just out of interest, can you read Arabic, cos I sure as hell can't, and I have no idea what they're trying to say. And seriously, there's hardly any content there anyway. Just because it's called doesn't mean it's a terrorist website.

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    you're right, I cannot read arabic but an American flag with a red slash through it generally isn't a bad thing. As I mentioned......For the $10-20/month the DNS company is making, they are basically whores for allowing this and not taking a moral ground and second, instead of script kiddies and bored hackers getting into other mischief, why not productive mischief.....those are my points. If I knew how, it would be done already.

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    hrms..well all i found was...nothing, but the domain is registered to ahmad ali from kuwait.
    some questions though:
    1. How do you know its a terrorist site/islamic site/anti-american site when there is NO content on the site (
    2. Why do you think it is hosted by someone in NYC? I found that it was registered with an australian comapny by the name of MELBOURNE IT, LTD. D/B/A INTERNET NAMES WORLDWIDE.

    okay and now to answer your *smart* questions:
    1) web hosting comapnies have something called a terms of service (TOS). If they can prove that you have broken the TOS then they will disallow you to use their service. If however they can not prove anything (lets just say you have no content on your site and someone accuses you of something), then they can not and will not do anything. But to directly answer your question: yes they do have morals, but money keeps them in bussiness.
    2) I wouldn't use the word 'punks' breaking into your network. If your a good sysadmin then i might refeer to them as 'crackers'. But then again you might be a bad sysadmin, which means it would be YOUR fault if these so called 'punks' are able to break into your network. And terrorize the terrorists? C'mon an eye for an eye will only make the world go blind. Oh and BTW who really started it?

    Okay i don't post much on Antionline anymore due to well...most users who have been with AO for a long time know what has happened. But every now and again i see a post like this and i just can't refrain myself from not replying to 'stupid' and might i say misguided threads like this.

    thankyou for listening

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    well, the site must have been pulled during the night, it was up last night and when I checked the DNS info the nameservers were by a NYC company. The site was obviously anti-American and I am glad they were taken down. I am much happier now. As far as an eye for an eye, I believe that phrase started in the Islam religion when Muhammed allowed and encouraged the killing of non-Islams in the Holy land. I'm not hear to preach any religion or history b/c I am not really tied to one I am happy with. But as far as who started what.....their track record isn't exactly the peaceful religion. The last time someone hit me, I hit them back (but much harder)....he hit the floor spitting out teeth and left me alone. When his brother came by as I was leaving he wanted to continue the fight but didn't as I advised him that I would leave him in the same condition I left his brother. The image of his brother spitting up teeth must have played in his head again b/c he backed down and I left the party, yeah, I think that an eye for eye works. The Japanese are much friendlier towards us now!

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    OMG!! mman, i was kinda thinking you had a point for a second there and was kinda agreeing with what you said UNTIL you went on a mad rant... Dude!!

    As far as an eye for an eye, I believe that phrase started in the Islam religion when Muhammed allowed and encouraged the killing of non-Islams in the Holy land.
    errrr... i aint a muslim or anything but i HAVE NEVER heard any sign of their prophet saying such things.. I think you are getting mixed up with Osama, man...and as for "them" starting all the trouble....put down the 'Sys admin guide for dummies' and maybe you should do some reading on the Crusades... i believe it was the europeans who went to free the holy land....

    and as for your example of the 'eye for an eye' party fight....that is one of the most ridiculous examples i have ever read....But i applaud your outstanding ability to liken the worlds largest, and most fearful current day threat to a punch up you had at a party. Bravo!

    I wasnt going to write in this form, but your outstanding ignorance and gung-ho attitude towards anything non-american is intolerable. Do some research, dont be afraid of it coz its different, and maybe theres another way to solving a problem rather than opening the gates of hell n killing us all. You associated Islam with violence as well, does that mean i can say all americans are fat bastards coz i saw that guy trying to sue mcdonalds and KFC on the news here?

    people like you worry me.......

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    As far as an eye for an eye, I believe that phrase started in the Islam religion
    "eye for an eye" - Leviticus 24:20

    Judaic scriptures buddy... blinding ignorance is always hilariously funny. Islam came a few hundred years later...

    <edit> Thanks Wickdgin for the clarification on the origin of this phrase

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    eye for an eye is a JEWISH thing. It's known as "judaic law" and as already stated has it's roots in the Old Testement of the Bible.

    FWIW Anti-American != Terrorist

    I know plenty of people that are anti-american but definately NOT terrorists

    El Diablo

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    So let me get this straight...not only are you FOR censorship of the Internet and against free speach, if it isn't something you approve of, your advocating illegal acts of vandalism by American citizens against a foreign entity.

    thats the most un-american thing i've ever heard!
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    I normally do not get into discussions of politics or religion, but thought I would offer up a few comments here.

    FWIW Anti-American != Terrorist
    This is a very important point to remember and in conjunction with that is Muslim != Terrorist ARAB != Terrorist.

    That being said is a web site associated with terrorists. It is registered to ahmad ali in Kuwait and was last known to be hosted by:

    Net Depot, Inc.
    55 Marietta St NW, Suite 1720
    Atlanta, GA 30303 USA

    The site appears to have gone away today as have several others that were hosted by that same company. You might be suprised to find that there are many web sites linked to terrorists that are hosted in the US, Canada, Austrailia, UK, and on and on.

    For example

    DreamHost 5610 S Soto St. Huntington Park CA 90255 hosts a site called which is operated by Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades who are on the US State Deparment list as terrorist that targets Israeli civilians.

    Sentex Communications 240 Holiday Inn Drive (Unit D) Cambridge, Ontario, Canada hosts the site whihc is operated by Hezb-e Islami:The Other Afghan Jihadis who promote Assassination, brutal murders, tortures, death threats.

    Alabanza, Inc. 8309 Tinsley Rd. Baltimore, MD 21244 hosts a site called operated by Hizbollah is a terrorist organization listed by the US Dept. of State. Operating out of south Lebanon, Hizbollah is funded by Iran, and serves as proxy army for Syria, conducting frequent attacks against Israelis.This site was recently used to promote the spread of suicide bombing throughout the western world.


    In times like this it is very important to remember the responsabilities that come with our freedom. In the United States our constitutional rights do not apply only when they are convenient for us. If an American company chooses to host a site like this and/or an American operates a site like this that is there constitutional right. We can not try to chip away at our freedoms in order to prevent filth like this from existing or soon we will have no rights left.

    Do web hosting companies have no morals?
    What makes you think Net Depot in Atlanta GA can read arabic or know what is on that site. How can you challenge their morals without first ascertaining if they know what is being hosted on their site? Since several terrorist related sites that were hosted there seem to be non-working today I would guess that they either found out or they are having communication issues today.

    If you find content like this that is loathsome to you then do something about it. Contact the company and let them know in an intelligent way that you believe they are hosting a terrorist web site.

    There are several websites out there that track these types of sites so that people like you and me can write to the ISP's and let them know how we feel about the content they are hosting.

    Here is a site to get you started which contains current news, history (which is so important), and archives from terrorist sites.

    Their database of current known terrorist sites is here: Here you will find some of the information I posted above plus much more. Very important on this site are the Do's and Don't list for dealing with sites like this.

    You can google for a while and find more sites like this yourself if you are truly interested. Please don't take my freedom away because of terrorism, if you do then they have won!
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