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Thread: Terrorist website

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    Waa waa waa... cry me a river Conf1rm3d, I have been a target of so called 'antipoints alliences', every time i turn around I get negged by three people at a time. So, I could really care less about your concern for MY alledged 'abuse' of the antipoint system because i negged you.

    First of all, I reserve the right to issue a red neg to any person at anytime if i feel the need to. Maybe its the American in me acting up again, assuming that I have "rights" again. Never the less, I felt your post, compairing the united states government to the Islamic jihad movement was not only slandering, but DEAD wrong.

    It breaks down very simply.

    America is the most powerfull country in the world.
    -Its power is measured by money and technology.
    -America is one sided with the Israel conflict.
    *you can say its because of religious foundations of judeo-christian in the united states, but so are Israel/Palestine.
    -America sticks its nose in the business of warlords trying to starve out a nation.
    -America hoards money, and is ACTIVLEY involved in oil.
    -Bush is sore, cause dad never got Hussen, and he got away with breaking UN treatys pretty much all through out the clinton administration.



    Up to 6000 people died that day, just in New-York. We all watched it LIVE on Tv. Many from our windows. While you sat complacent in the comfort of your living room. We died for things we had nothing to do. The American Citizen has become the frontline infantry for the war on terror. Perhaps once you have had a taste of Islamic jihad against the western world, or simply a place where jews, or americans hangout, then you will think differently.

    - Death is bad
    *War is hell
    -Hell is evil.
    -war is evil.
    -America fights and wins wars by killing most.
    -America is human
    *America is evil.
    -Islamic jihad groups fight a war by killing.
    -Islamis jihad members are humans.
    *Islamic jihad groups are evil.

    So what do you do? You make an opinion based on as many facts as you can gather, and even twice as many theories. Then, you get the opinions of others around the world. Well for many this is impossible. But thanks to the internet, i get to talk to alot of different people with many different views. Then you take that all to mind, taking in the reliability of the sources of info, and filtering out as much propaganda as possible. Make a decision, and live by it.

    I negged you because your comment was slightly more than a elaboration of the wrong doings of the US. They never targeted innocent civilians. And that very well could possibly be an opinion, but to have the US target you, you must have done something to get their attention. What the **** we as people did we do to their people. Not a damn thing. Its in their religion to hate us, and unbelivers. Thats why i dont like bush. Running around saying how islam is all peacefull. R----ight. Keep feading yourself that line of apologetics. Islam is very peacefull up until you read Mohammeds scripture. Ravings of killing jews and fighting them until they are 'pushed into the sea'. I mean scary quotes. Granted their are scriptures in the torah and old testiment of the Israelis fighting and killing many in the region. But thats NOT what the Torah or 'Holy Bible' concluded on. Mohammeds jihad writings were the revelation of Islam, and was supposed to be the 'perfect form of Islam'. As it had been altered before.

    America is not this. Thats why you got negged.
    It is better to be HATED for who you are, than LOVED for who you are NOT.

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    at first; i thought it would be a bad idea for me to post here, coz' of - APs i always get coupled with bad names.
    why ? coz' i'm MUSLIM & Arabic ... cheers!
    feels like a victim sometimes in such threads, but i always find good peeps who understands what they are posting.

    but after a scond thought ..... i think u r soooo @#$@#%%^$ to think it this way.
    well, for me as a muslim, i would like to clear some points.

    - Islam always Resist killing civilians, and Mohammed ( the Prophet ) was ordering muslims in wars not to kill three:
    1- women
    2- children
    3- old peeps.

    so, i don't think i would ever believe those who are killing civilians in the name of Islam or god or any other religon.

    as for the site , i'll translate a bit for u guys , it says

    by the name of God the Merciful
    Jehad online
    thunders of truth
    please enter by clicking here.
    " then it says something like " the sound of realisim or pessimism in a idealism or optimism world.
    by the way the site is a ( News site ) such as CNN or Al-Jazeerah etc...
    it says something eles ( copyrights for all Muslims )

    ok, after getting in , the first thing written there is
    Happy Eid.
    then it talks alot about an Islamic lessons, news, Jerusalem, Jews
    all it says about anti-america is the flag with red cross, i think it's their point of view.
    it also says alot about Afghanistan and what going there.

    i think they'll be translating to an english version in the near future.

    AOers. islam is not Terrorist
    Anti-American is not Terrorist also.
    if someone doesn't like america that won't make him a bad person !!

    i think we'v been through this issue alot before.



    Toker, Although i respect ur point of view, i didn't like ur way of discribing Islam.
    well, it's ur point of view, i understand that
    if u read the red notice Conf1rmdK1ll wrote down, u won't be posting what u did.
    he had a point of view, and u must respect it as we all respect ur's.
    anyway, good to hear a free speech and an Honest one, although i didn't like it.... i won't neg u.

    peace bro.
    When the power of Love overcomes the Love of power, the world will know peace... Jimi Hendrix
    I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask...... what was war?

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    Doesn't look like much people agree with this guy. I have some points to clear

    When i mentioned an eye for an eye will only blind the world, i was referring to what Ganhdi said. You know the indian guy who gained india's independance? I never actually knew it was from the bible or anything.

    Here's a little msg left with a neg point (i wonder who it was from?)
    "Oh and BTW who really started it? " Don't even go there. There is no excuse for wholesale slaughter of civilians....... You Aussies are to damn liberal. Maybe if you all got attacked it would be different...........
    Excuse me? Aussies are too damn liberal? And by that you mean...? Well whatever you mean it is a major generalisation. When people think the way you do, that's when they start destroying society instead of adding to it. What's this about if we got attacked? I thought we all got attacked. (any attack against a free country is an attack against the free world) Oh and incase you haven't watched the news lately, Bali was attacked and MANY australians died there.

    One last point
    Muslim != evil
    America != evil
    Generalisation = stupidity
    stupidity => misunderstanding
    misunderstanding results in wars.

    Is anyone following me here?
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    So you are still discussing this matter? hmm

    Let us strait up a few things shall we?

    what does jehad means? War? Holy war? Terror? no...

    Jehad means: to strive in a spiritual way, to work hard, ....something like that, my translation is a bit bad.

    The word is given more meaning than it has. Today it is being used in more of religious context.
    The afghan freedom fighter under the soviet occupation called itself for mujahedin, they were doing a jehad against their unbelieving occupants.
    ..or working hard to get rid of the our western language.

    Intifada is not jehad. It means revolt, mutiny, revolution...something like that. bad trans here, but I lack an English - English dictionary. But it has no religious connection period.
    Amongst Palestinian groups there is no agreement of that the intifada is an jihad or not. PLFP does not think it is, but Hamas and Islamic Jehad do of course think it is....

    Jehad as we know it in the west, holy war, is armed jehad - jehad al-sayf - jehad of the sword.

    But it could be the jehad of the word - jehad al-kalam. Or the jehad of the pen - jehad al-qalan.

    Jehad can be practised through hard study, usually islam, be active in the local community and build a good Muslim society, or raise brave sons that can continue to practise jehad

    .... work hard in the spiritual way...

    This is a short translation of what I found in an article by BJØRN K. BORE

    Then to my point, knowledge is power, have knowledge and you will be able to act wise.

    Don't you never judge a black man because he is black, or yellow, red, white or green, but judge him for what he is, and to do that you will need knowledge.

    I’m not done…soon back with more....

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    Ain't jahad means war ?

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    Originally posted by blackmask
    Ain't jahad means war ?

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    Then to the next point here while I'm warm....
    Anti-American, now I have said it...can never again travel on holydays to the states anymore, the customs will stop me hehe.
    There are tons of people all over the world who is anti should ask why. The people I talk about now, is people that have a political negative view on American domestic/foreign policies. No hostile tensions or criminal supporters here.

    Some of you said that America is big and powerful, and I agree, both in a positive and an negative way. Let me do an example: Norway needs new fighter
    planes, today there are two choices. American F-35, and EuroFighter 2000...two very good planes. The Norwegian parliament supports the EF2000 more, because of a bad history with Lockheed ( can explain later ) Well, but the government got this message. ”You buy our F-35 planes or the Norwegian - American relationship will be in danger" That’s the American message they got.

    When America put an import toll on steel by 30% and force a 2000 man factory that produce steel to close, don't you think that makes people angry? What would happen if we tried to put 30% on steel? America would be pissed of.....and probably force us to lift the toll because they can so...well...don't you think people have the right to express their negative feelings about the situation? I do. If your president raises the tax, wouldn’t you want to express your negative feelings about that without being called for a traitor, un-patriot, terrorist lover? wouldn't you? I think I have the right to criticise America when they tries to force my government to accept American planes and rises the toll on steel, and an Saudi has the right to criticise America when there is an American 1000 man strong military base in Saudi against their will.

    Anti American, is the wrong word to use here don’t you think? 90% of the people in Norway have strong negative views on raising the tax in the country, 90% of the people in the world have negative views on foreign American policies? They are not supporters of criminal actions just because the views are negative, they have views for god sake and are entitled to have so and express them. We should all be able to express our feelings in every matter, positive and negative, political, religious and other stuff. It takes great knowledge and maturity to be able to receive negative criticism and act wisely upon the information you get, I’m not good at that, but hell, I do try. Most people don’t like criticism, fair enough, but that doesn’t relieve them from the duty to listen when they have done something wrong? Don’t you think? All of you?
    So think when you hear, or want to use the word anti-american…what does it mean…


    I’m still not done…more to come…. I’ll deal with the views on those f*** terrorists

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    Don't forget a VH under

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    I want to ask sth a bit out of this topic... In the bottom of the site it says ©1423-2002. Does jehad (not the site) exists from 1423, if yes then i think that mman has a bit right.

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    Originally posted here by ii-monk
    I want to ask sth a bit out of this topic... In the bottom of the site it says ©1423-2002. Does jehad (not the site) exists from 1423, if yes then i think that mman has a bit right.
    LOL ...

    1423 = this is the year reference to Islamic calender ( Hijri )
    2002 = this is the year reference to is the georgean calender " if that how u name it "

    so 1423 = 2002
    and 1424 = 2003
    and so on ..
    When the power of Love overcomes the Love of power, the world will know peace... Jimi Hendrix
    I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask...... what was war?

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