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Thread: How important is Physical education to us?

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    Ebo, P.E. is a very under-rated course. Children and young adults growing up today lead much more of a relaxed lifestyle than we "old doods" did. I grew up in a generation that did not have PC's, PS2's and the like to entertain us during recreational time. Instead, we were outside playing hide and seek, building forts, climbing the mountains (at least in my neck of the woods) and such. Yet the children of today are not as predisposed to entertain themselves in a physical manner. They work out their thumbs and thats pretty well the extent of it. Physical fitness as a youth is, IMHO, a very important facet of life, as it provides a foundation of good health that can carry over into adulthood.
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    me personally am a senior school student. and in lower school, we were forced to do phy ed, however, i am a physicall fit person and was able to negociate to the principal to stop my self doing any phy ed. the main reason for this is that i am a computer person and dont like any form of physical doing. but i am still fit and am able to our run the top person at our school.

    i beleive that fat people in the school yard are more likely to be bullied when they are playing sport due to thier lack of skills and motovation. this means that 90% of bullieing happens out on the playing field and not in the class room, and that gives good cause to make phys ed non-compulsory.

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    Personally I agree with mathgirl kids can be very cruel, especially when it comes to over weight.But the only thing I want to stress is the fact to get behind the real issue as to why they are over weight.Like spyrul has pointed out it could be a genetic disorder,stress(due to varios factors which can cotribute to this),there could also be an illness which might cause them to have to take medicine like cortisone which will definitely increase weight gain if used for a long period of time.I personally have someone using cortisone on a daily basis and I can tell you it is hell for her.Everybody is of the assumption that it is because of a eating disorder that she has gained such a lot of weigt .I think each case should be evaluated on merit and not just because of looks.I fully support physical education if you are a healthy person.You can only benefit from it.

    My simpathy to all overweight people because I live with such a person,and it is a daily battle just to motivate them to also feel dignified and good about themselves.Love them for the person they are and stop judging them by their looks.

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    I very much so agree with your point's ebo, but I have to say a few things. First, losing weight isn't all about excercise and all that. Alot of it is (like spyrul said) Genetics and Dieting. If their parent's were overweight or something of the like, it might be passed down. This can factor in as an attribute to the person's genetic code, something they can't control. Another factor is dieting, which play's a large part. If the person eat's nothing but junk food, or just constantly eats without monitering the food he eats, that excercise will be a waste. People need to watch the calories/cholesterol factor on foods and try to balance that out.

    I think it was allenb who made an interesting point saying that today's youth isn't as primitive as the youth of say, 30 to 40 years ago. These day's, kid's like their PS2, PC's, and their McDonalds. It's as simple as that, the youth have not much physical involvement that requires an excercising activity, and if they do it's deteriorated by the foods they eat.
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    i think getting rid PE is a great idea. personally i hated it i just found it so boaring and pointless when i could be doing more intresting things, i did not like any of the things we done and so i very rareley went to any lessons. But i am not a un-fit person i skate and mountainbike alot(almost everyday). Also thing of the people who are going to be doing the worst in the sports, the unfit people are then going to be laughed at which will make them less likey to want to do any sports.
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    phys ed is important, but i think the waqy they impliment it is quite retarded... not everyone os at the same physical level. and not everyone can do some of the **** that they ask us to do.

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    Phy Eds is really important ,I know is kind of hard to do it but need to have balance mentally and physically, you need to get exercise.
    If you can't get it in your school, you can get it somewhere else (gym,etc...)
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    IMO the people wanting to abolish the PE program in schools see profit potential in doing this and are in fact the same people sueing McDonald's for making them fat!

    No really... PE is important when you are young and full of energy. It would be unhealthy to keep a 7 year old in school for 7 hours with no PE class or recess.

    BUT why should PE be required in High School? Kids are old enough to know how to excercise and that it's important for them to do so. High School is stressfull enough with making good grades to count towards college. The last thing on their mind should be worring about running the mile for a grade!
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    Are there actually real, tangible benefits to High School gym? Is forty minutes of mild exercise twice a week (at most) really helpful? No offense to anyone, but the overweight people in my gym class don't look like they lose weight between classes. And personally, I don't feel any benefit after being physically educated.

    Something else that's bothered me about gym: Dodge ball is being banned in some schools. That bothers me. A lot. My whole life, I've been picked close to last for sports even though I have much more athletic ability than I've ever been given credit for. I don't get the ball much during team sports. But dodge ball is different. All you have to do is get out of the way of the ball. Its a helluva lot more fun than running up and down the basketball court, never touching the ball. Off topic I know, but I needed to rant.
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