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Thread: C++ question.. Whats your fave compiler?

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    C++ question.. Whats your fave compiler?

    What compiler does everyone use? Which is the easist basic one out there?
    (Noob here =)-|--<, hehe )
    Can be free or not... Anyhelp will be appreciated.
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    if i'm on windows, i use visual is very simple to use. if im on my linux box i will use gcc of course with emacs as my environment

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    The compiler I like the best, especially on Linux/UNIX platforms is the GNU C++ compiler. It adheres to all the standards and it's very barebones. However, if you're looking for a compiler/IDE that's really easy to work with, I'd suggest Bloodshed C++ for Windows. If you're on *NIX, learn to use the GNU C++ compiler (g++).

    BloodShed C++ can be found at :
    GNU C++ can be found at :
    A port of the GNU compiler to Windows called DJGPP can be found at :
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    I'm on Winblows 98 se. I have bloodshed but was wondering what everyone else uses
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    Im only learning the ropes of C programming, ive used Borlands C environment but i find that Microsofts Visual C++ environment is pretty straightforward and n00b friendly.

    As for Linux's GCC, the text editor (vi in my case) is not as pretty but does the job just as efficiently.

    Windows - MSVC++
    Linux - GCC

    Just my tuppence



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    I'm with reboot..

    on Windows (at work) I use MS VC++6
    and on Linux and BSD and windows at home, I use GCC with jed or mcedit wich both have great syntax highliting and stuff..
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    for windows if I'm going for IDE I like the borland compiler. The only thing I don't like about the Borland compiler is that it doesn't ever give any meaningfull errors. If I'm going for a barebones compiler I'll use DJGPP but I won't like it, barebones compilers take to damn long to do the really big projects but they are great for programming something real quick that only has 1 or 2 class files. Actually my favorite compiler is JDK but that's for java, someone needs to port it to C++. JDK cut's my debug time in half cause the errors it gives me are like this is wrong expecting this not just syntax error line 27.
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    i use borland c++ builder 5 in windows and gcc in linux.but guys something terrible happened when i installed borland a few days ago.after the installation whenever i opened a program i came up with a error message,providing some numbers that have to do with my i finally formatted my hdd.i think i made a mistake during the installation.....i changed some settings that had to do with the system's debugger.ah yes i can now recall that had to do with the drwtsn32 program.but i'm not sure.anyway i suugest you to be very careful when installing a compiler on your system.

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    I've used Borland C++ 5.02 and bloodshed too. but i like borland one more. BTW, was wondering whether Borland BUilder is diff from the Borland C++ comp. and if it is then wht are its advantages over it??

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