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Thread: Mandrake boot question.

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    Mandrake boot question.


    As you know when installing Linux Mandrake and Windows in the same partitioned hard disk, by default Mandrake is the primary boot OS, but, is there a way to put Windows as the default boot OS? How do you call the "welcome" screen of Mandrake, Lilo? or what's Lilo?


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    Lilo is the Linux loader. Fortunately it can also load other OSs.

    To determine which is the default, edit /etc/lilo.conf in your Linux session. This file will contain something like:

    Change it to Windows.

    Then run /sbin/lilo to reinstall the loader which should not give you any error messages.

    Next time you boot it will load Windows after the timeout period.

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    I believe that it can also be set from within the mandrake control center (there is a menu option for boot config in there)
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