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    Web design

    [gloworange]anyone know were I can find a place with free web hosting free ftp access and if possable free mp3 and more then 20 mb of ram usage If you do plz put the url[/gloworange]

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    Take a look at under the "Free Hosting" options.

    Good luck!!!

    Edit 1: Try KaZaA Media Desktop for MP3s.

    Edit 2: By the way, this isn't the right forum to ask this kind of questions...

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    You should always google something before posting on the forums... You'll find the answers faster... Only after you have looked around should you ask something like this on AO, of course i'm a newbie- so maybe i'm wrong, just seems like a good idea :-)
    I hope that helped!
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    try google -> free or

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    try soulseek for mp3z.
    download it from
    it's a p2p client just like kazaa media desktop that mentioned before!but soulseek is for mp3 and for mp3 only!

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