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Same idea as the hardware guide, just as software.....

Like I said:
I wrote this one a few years back but figured to post it anyways...
I know it doesn't have everything possible, but at least it'll put people in a good direction to know what the problem is.....

If you feel something should be changed, post it.
If you feel something should be added, post it.

(BTW, this is written in idea of running Windows... err...)

*Note: A little humor in the writting


Ok, You've installed this program and although it works on someone else's computer,
for some reason it doesn't work on yours. There can be millions of reasons why the
software doesn't work. Here are the Basic reasons why software won't work.

First thing to do is to try restarting your computer. Sometimes rebooting the computer
will reset your computers RAM and Windows swap (.swp) file, as well as finishing the
configuration of your computer for the program. Many silly things like this can cause
programs not to work.

If that doesn't work, check the program's system requirements. Some programs may need a stronger computer than what you possess. If your PC matches what the minimum requirements suggest, it could be that you have too many programs using RAM. Check you taskbar (bottom right corner) to see how many things are preloaded (ie: ICQ, Winamp, Realplayer, Virus Shield, etc.) Try shutting some of these down to free up some RAM.

Also, some of these preloaded programs may cause a conflict with the newly installed
program such as a Virus Shield. Try shutting down some programs and when the program can successfully run, you'll know which program might be causing a conflict. There are many conpanies that write a program that will allow only their type of program work on a computer. (ie: Nero burning software will detect Adaptec burning software)

Some companies like Sierra Software will install all their software in the same directory (ie: C:\sierraXXX) and sometimes when that happens, some important files get writen over that were needed for the program to work. Best thing to do is install the programs in different directories.

Sometimes software companies rush their products to the market to compete with the opposition and by rushing, overlook many bugs and gliches. This could be your problem. If this is the case, many companies will create patches to fix these bugs and post them on their website to download.

It happens, when a program installs, it doesn't install all the files it needs or puts
the files in the wrong directory. Sometimes it's a good idea to uninstall the program
and reinstall the program to possibily correct the problem.

As well as that, one of the reasons files are missing is because the computer can't
read the CD because it's badly damaged. Try having the CD repared at a local computer or music CD store.

On top of that, the CD that you purchased may have been created incorrectly and may be missing some of the files on the CD itself. If that's the case, try contacting the store you purchased the software or the software company for a replacement CD.

When uninstalling sometimes, some files will come up asking you to delete because some other programs might be using it as well. Sometimes when uninstalling, you or something accidentally removes a needed file when it shouldn't have been. Reinstalling the program is the only cure.

Your Registry could be damaged or write-protected, keeping the program from writing to it and allowing it to run. If this happens, try reparing the registry by restarting
Windows and if the registry is really damaged, you may have to reinstall Windows itself.

Last resort is to contact the manufacturer of the software. Most companies offer a
1-900-xxx-xxxx number (Warning: this costs money) they will try to help (themselves)
to solve your problem but do not expect many miracles.

If nothing works then try returning the software and explain it doesn't work or try
selling it to someone if you can't return it.