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Thread: M$ beginning to simmer

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    Talking M$ beginning to simmer

    Haha. look at this article. MS tries to fight back but kicks themself in the bum. enjoy.,1411,55785,00.html If this link doesn't work just check it out at wired news.
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    Hahah that's great. I wish I could have seen the advertisment though...the link on the article didn't work.

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    Here - I've recovered the link for your viewing pleasure...

    If that doesn't work, you can go through here, and click on the Cache link. -

    BTW, there were quite a few page errors, but it did load.


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    This already has been posted by rcgreen.
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    Up next for Microsoft:
    A devout Linux user has bought their first Microsoft box.

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    haha that's great!
    I feel bad for the women, though, she probably wont be getting promoted any time soon after her statement.
    Oh well.
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